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Where is Your Mindset?

You have the opportunity to change your reality!

These are interesting times, no doubt! Where is your mindset? Where are you in the midst of all of this? This is no doubt a very scary time for many. The fear for one's health, the fear over loss of income and worse! These fears are well-founded but are you allowing these fears to dictate your life?

Fear, for the most part, is simply a choice. Intellectually, where do you choose to place your focus? Do you choose to focus on fearful scenarios, or do you choose to focus on the positives that will undoubtedly arise from the ashes of all of this? Our view of the world is purely subjective. That is to say that the filter that you perceive the world through is different than the filter that your spouse sees the world.

Your spouse's view of the world differs from their Brother's. Their Brothers' view differs from the lady working the checkout at lane 5 in the grocery store. Each and every one of us perceives the world differently.... How do you choose to view your world? We are subjected every single day to the medias' perception of how we should view the world. We are subjected every single day to the Governments' perception of how we should see the world. We are subjected every single day to the masses' perception of how we should view the world.

Does that smell right to you?

I know it does not smell right to me!

Everything is energy... Everything!

What do you know about the Law of Attraction? Simply stated... If you are driving in your car and you want to listen to 107 on the radio, you do not tune into 95.6... Simple, isn't it? Tune into the reality you wish to see in your existence. I've heard those who say, "The law of attraction does not work for me!"

The fact is that the law of attraction is working for us all of the time.

This is universal law....The question is....

Are you creating deliberately or creating by default?

Each and every one of us creates our own reality.

Now with this powerful piece of knowledge in hand, what do you choose to manifest into your own existence? What do you wish to see? There are many amongst us who are in self-isolation and with some time on their hands. If you are one, what are you choosing to do with this most valuable time? Are you taking this time to work on yourself?

A small story, if I may?

During the time of the financial meltdown of 2008/ 2009, I was laid off for three months. I had been through a depression about a year or so prior to the layoff and had come out the other side with a lot of questions. These three months off were a pivotal time in my life.

I began to explore the ego. I began to explore myself. I did serious inner work, which led to some serious release. It was essentially my road to a greater freedom. I shall always appreciate those three months off as it lit up the path towards my healing.

These times that we find ourselves in currently offers a perfect opportunity for us to:

1. Reconnect with the earth.

2. Reconnect with Family.

3. Most importantly... Reconnect with our higher selves.

If you are one who is living with this cloud of anxiety hovering overhead, just know that all will be well, know that these things work out and know that it is within your power to help the cause—with some simple steps.

1. Turn off the news.

2. Have soothing music on in the home.

3. Spend those precious moments with family and APPRECIATE what you have.

4. Have those walks in nature but if you cannot spend time in the back yard... Remember to breathe.

5. Do some serious cleaning.

6. And take the time to find yourself. Ask those questions of yourself that you have thus far been afraid to ask. Take the time for meditation.

These are interesting times but they need not be scary. Actively and deliberately take this precious time to find those things within you that no longer serve you and hold you back. Once recognized, you have an opportunity to do some powerful quality work on yourself. You have the opportunity to change your reality! You have an opportunity to create something spectacular!

You have an opportunity to step into the power that YOU truly are!

Love and Light to you all.



Gerard Hibbert

Spiritual Life Coach

*My New Book is out now on Amazon

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