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The Connectivity Right In Front of Us

Channeled February 11, 2020

The connection is there in front of one another; in a blink of an eye, we are there, and here and everywhere with you now. Take heart and take heed of the messages of one coming forth today to remind you of the true beauty that we are all made of. In the light and the love, we are there; in the moment of need and despair, we are there, for we are there in your heart. We are sitting and shifting the love and light through you and around you to help comfort and guide you.

We are there to help you feel and release the emotions that are blocking your guidance system and your compass. Just like the love of a good friend, we are here to support you and lift you up when you feel you cannot rise up on your own. With love and compassion, we embrace the deepest core of your truth that you may be feeling. Day in and day out, we are with you as one. For we are all one and, in this timeline, and in the midst of your emotions, we hear your cries. We see your worries and concerns, and we embrace all this within you now.

Feel the emotions dribbling down your spine, deep into the floorboards and sinking deep into mother earth to the core where we lead them to the lay lines of the earth to transmute your pain and sorrow into the love that enriches your beings to the core. Of the love and the light and compassion we have for one another, we see the cascading effects of the energy streaks throughout the atmosphere and around your aura of light. The healing mantras of sound and vibration are ricocheted and form one cell to the next, unleashing the hurt and the feelings that are stuck deep within your cells and energy light body.

The unwinding and uncurling that is done goes far and wide through yourself and the Milky Way galaxy through our great vast universe in our time and space. The fundamental key learnings of our soul's undertaking come out and shine forth in the majestic timetables of our lifetimes now here on this planet earth you call home.

The power and belief of ancient teachings come out and transform our new reality into the guiding forces that take us from one moment to the next and one day to the next.

It's here pressing us forward in our lives and with our journey that we have signed up for long ago. Once we feel this and remember our past teachings, then we can realize the notion that we already have all the healing and gifts we need inside. They are with us and around us in the great field of connectivity. The bouncing and swirling of our love and prayers of compassion come around and through us like the beating of our heartbeats. Leading us to the next moment of our existence within the next second to the next. Unlocking the codes within our DNA and allowing for healing so deep at a soul level.

Can you feel this, the new beginning of the belief within ourselves to heal and to change our own DNA codes to allow the body, heart and soul to spring forth with a new vibratory pattern of wholeness and greatness that we aspire to be in our lifetimes now? The hope, the peace, and the whole collective resonating all as one.

It’s in the hearts of many now that we all come from the same essence of time and space within the kingdom of the heavens, the wholeness, the other level and layers of our multidimensional beings. The freedom of knowing that we can manifest and bring forth anything we desire, that love will take us there. It will take us everywhere and anywhere we desire; once we find this space within ourselves and within our own heart, we can dream and transpire any of our desires; the stronger the feeling, the sooner the manifestation of it. The key, the secret, Is the wholehearted belief and of the truth. While feeling the love and compassion and belief of this feeling everywhere, then we can step forward and aboard the lifeboat and take sail where ever we want to go, do and become a part of; this trip manifest is only a thought away, and in an instant, it can be yours, it can be ours. When a large group believes this within themselves and in others, then this will be the time when we can make true our biggest desires that we want to help reshape our own collective existence here on our planet, within our communities and in our own families.

It’s a wonderous prospect that we can let our own hearts lead us down this road. Out of the darkness and into the light, the light of many beings are inviting us to share our lights out into the world, onto humanity and on to the planet earth, which will allow for us healing at a soul level and bring the preservation of the light back to planet earth - Mother earth, and enrich the light and the souls of many who are looking for guidance and clarity in this world where our own essence can bring forth the love and compassion to take us all up to the next dimensional level of mankind to bring forth a world of peace and harmony.


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