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Renewal Through Withdrawal

By: Jo Leath

We can celebrate ourselves, honour our accomplishments, and to feel compassion for the fears and concerns that nestle in our hearts.

The cycles of the natural world are more predictable than those of humanity.

In the Northern hemisphere the shortening days and cooler temperatures of October cannot be ignored. Mother Nature herself withdraws from obvious activity, avoiding the damaging frosts and inevitable cold.

Coniferous trees will process light at reduced levels, maintaining themselves during the long dark nights.

Deciduous trees excuse their leaves from duties of photosynthesis, and release them to their role as insulators of the bare earth below.

Grasses, and shrubs allow their ripened berries and fruits to transport the seeds of a new generation into the future. Winds and rain, insects, birds and animals take a part in the process.

Fruit is eaten and digested, the seeds dispersed to new ground, different opportunities and novel conditions.

Sap may cease running in tree trunks, roots may stop digging through the soil, and many animals will stop hunting. In this hibernation there will be resting: focused on the restoration of energy.

Nowhere in the cycle does life cease. It transforms, transmutes, and is always in a state of becoming. For the living layer of Mother Earth, the quietening season of autumn is preparing for Spring. The continuation of life is assured.

As humans we are part of the web of physical life, and we are affected by seasonal changes: the cold, the winds and rains, the darkness.

Since March of this year, the key to continued health and safe living has been to withdraw from the crowds of our cities and the bustle of workplaces.

Unusually for the entire human family, survival depends on separation. Those who are essential to life are at daily risk of adverse outcomes. Our activities moved into an autumn stillness in the spring, and remain there, while inevitably the wheel of the year turns.

This October we are coming into full alignment: as the activity in the natural world is subdued, we reflect that withdrawal.

We have the advantage of designing our coming season. Will we rest? Will we impatiently wait, jumping at every chance to rush forward into the unknown? Will we elect to meet our obligations in the world and take advantage of the new gaps in our schedule.

For those unaccustomed to personal time, the restricted possibilities for socializing have brought new awareness, and daily habits are questioned as we shift out of the unthinking grooves we have travelled.

Who am I when I cannot go dancing?

What was the appeal of the dance hall?

Why was I drawn to dance?

How much have I invested in dance shoes?

This autumn we have time to deeply examine how we conduct ourselves. Many are asking what they feel called to do. What has meaning? What serves soul growth? What is their Life’s Purpose?

People used to travel long distances for the chance to unplug from the demands of routine. Now we can declare ourselves On Retreat and make time for renewal.

We can choose to use our unexpected time of isolation and quarantine for more than remaining as safe as we can.

On Retreat we can also find reasons to celebrate ourselves, to honour our accomplishments, and to feel compassion for the fears and concerns that nestle in our hearts.

We can begin to appreciate our Spiritual essence, and the human experience we are having. This is a great time to ascertain the intentions we brought with us into the physical realm.

Living is a Spiritual Practice, and there are multiple ways to access the eternal Cosmic Wisdom that can guide your practice.

There are many paths up the mountain of self-knowledge, and they all lead to the top. I am biased in my belief that the most effective way to understand our Spiritual Intention is with Numerology. The information encoded in your personal, very individual chart, is a key to unlock your self-discovery.

Jo Leath is a Numerologist, Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and conduit for synchronicity. She guides people uncover their Intentions and fully engage their Journey Into Alignment.

Website: Exploring Paths to Cosmic Wisdom.

Business name: JoLeath Dot Com

Oracle Cards:


Twitter: @journeyalign

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