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Freedom is Who You Are

The portals of opportunity for growth are opening for your world at this time. Major shifts in awareness are allowing for newfound understandings to foster and permeate throughout. You are ascending into a higher state of consciousness dear ones. Realize you are undergoing a transformative process of expansion.

Make it known there is much that is being stirred from deep within you. You are being upgraded from the cellular level, upgraded with higher light codes of frequency that create shifts within you to assist you in moving forward in most positive ways. You are embodying more light which will facilitate in the glorified truth of your becoming.

Confusion, doubt and insecurity may be a reality for many of you at this time of great turbulence within your systems. You are adjusting to the higher frequencies being sent to you. As these become stronger and more intense, you may experience altered states in your mental, emotional and physical beingness. You may experience many varying symptoms as you align with these higher frequencies offered you. Have faith these discomforts shall dissipate and the peace and clarity you are longing for shall come to you.

At this time of great energetic intensities, be in allowance for the deeply rooted emotions that are not serving you to surface. Allow whatever is within you to come forth and through you. Resist no further. It is time to let go.

Your soul power is awaiting you. Your soul power is ready when you are to support you in releasing these bondages of control. Hold the intention for healing, and you will be supported greatly along your journey of inner growth and empowerment. You will gain the strength and confidence you are looking for to embrace these emotions for it is only in this way that you may release them.

Be ready to experience the FREEDOM that you really are.

Heal your wounds to be more in the vortex of love … to be more in alignment with who you really are.

You deserve peace. You deserve joy. You deserve love.

Consciously choose to end your suffering. Choose to live with grace and ease.

You are spiritual beings dear ones. You are beings of Divine nature and you are in your bodily form to experience all aspects of yourselves. Do not allow yourselves to be locked in emotions that are troubling you. This is not who you are.

Live your lives with peaceful thoughts. Live your lives without judgement of where you have been and what you’ve gone through. Live your lives with gratitude and know that when you do this all will come to you.

Place your attention on becoming your best self. Bring this forth to your world. You are all deserving of greatness. You are complete and whole. It is time to realize your worth. Contribute the love and light that you essentially are.

Take this time that you have lovingly been offered to reflect and re-align. Take this precious time to release all the fear-based programs that are creating dis-ease within you. You are not this limitation.

You are an expansive creative flow of the universe. You are a representation of the Source that created you. Move into this more trusting, calming awareness.

The peace you are longing for is found within you. Take responsibility in doing your part to release your suffering. Have the courage to surrender with gratitude and love.

It is you who holds the power to experience HEAVEN on earth.

The time is now to stop leading your lives with your minds, your personalities, your egos. The time is now to start recognizing the power of your hearts and leading through the compassion and love that you are made of.

Allow yourselves to come into your truth by accepting the goodness in you and all. Embrace the truth of who you are.

We know you feel compassion for your world at this time of great turbulence. We see many of you reaching out to help each other and we commend you for the outpour of love and the work that you are doing to inspire and uplift your people. Understand, the veil of separation amongst you is becoming thinner and thinner. You are coming into a more LOVING world.

We welcome you to do your part in assisting in the evolutionary shift that is happening in your world at this time. Do your part in healing yourselves as you are a part of a greater whole that affects all.

We love you and leave you with this.

With deep gratitude,



Joanna Alexopoulos is an open channel and attains universal wisdom and guidance from higher realms of consciousness. Her book Awaken To Your Truth: The Time Is Now is a channeled text, loving offered in collaboration with ascended masters. The masters are a collective of highly evolved beings who have been sent by God, led by Jesus, to assist our world in awakening to the truth of who we are, to create a more compassionate, loving world.

Each word in Awaken To Your Truth carries with it a powerful transmission of healing energy coming directly from Source. It is sure to uplift, encourage, and inspire you to access and activate your soul power to live in the truth of the Divinity that you are. It is sure to create a shift within you to know, feel and experience yourself in a whole new more expansive way and create the life that you deserve.

Masters affirm, "We come to you to lead the way in your self-discovery, in remembrance of who you are. We speak to you at this time, for this is the time of new beginnings.We wish to deliver messages that will create movement for grandeur advancements. We have walked on earth and know your pain. We see you. We feel you and want to help you. Our messages are of love and light."

Find out more about Joanna:

Awaken To Your Truth: The Time Is Now is available worldwide through Amazon and Freisen Press Publishing.


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