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A Christmas Message for Humanity!

Be a light unto the world, and hurt it not

Be a shining example, act only with Love

Forgive every offense, heal every heart

For there's no greater gift!

Honour every person's God

For God is everywhere, and

He/She lives in everyone!

Honour every person's truth so that,

Your truth will also be honoured!

Embrace every circumstance

Share every joy~~

For love is our gift to the world

A reflection of our Creator's Light

In the human race!

Protect every person's rights;

Walk in every person's shoes

For it is through our life's challenges that

We are awakened and transformed

Radiating our Light, our Love, and our compassion

Into our fragile planet, uniting our consciousness

With the Creator of all things!


Rita Be-Still, Healer of Broken Hearts

Be-Still~A Place of Higher Spiritual Learning

6 Queen St. W. Elmvale, On



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