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What if hope has nothing to do with fixing and everything to do with caring?

Hope is one of the most beautiful gifts life has to offer. What many of us forget is that WE ARE HOPE. Hope lives within us and is our gift to the Earthly world.

There is someone hoping…..

  • we will smile at them

  • we will hug them

  • we will wave at them

  • we will come and shop from them

There are domestic animals hoping we will feed them, wild animals hoping we will care about them, trees hoping we will not cut them down, oceans and waterways hoping that we will not pollute them and flowers hoping we will stop and smell them.

What if hope has nothing to do with fixing and everything to do with caring?

The person who hopes that you will smile at them does not need you to fix them, simply to care enough to smile at them. The waterways that hope you will stop polluting do not need you to fix all of the pollution, they want you to care enough to see the lasting impact of the choices you make and to create change one step at a time.

When we zoom out to see how many things need our hope the solutions are zooming back in to our own hearts and finding the courage to care.

It is very difficult to care when we are in a state of disconnection from who we truly are. When we are in a haze, a rush, pushing through, faking it, and suffering we lose the capacity to care and the beacon of hope begins to dim.

The best way for us to become an activist for change and to help heal the world, is to heal ourselves.

When we find feeling whole within us then we are able to make choices from a place of worthiness which allows us to care deeply for ourselves first and become a beacon of hope for others through our capacity to feel love.

Becoming a healing activist starts with you.

Don’t let the word activist frighten you, it simply means organized change. Choosing to separate yourself from pain and suffering by choosing to heal from within is a form of activism! There is a huge ripple effect that happens when you heal. As you take steps to reconnect your mind-body-and soul you unleash the inner wisdom within you which is your toolset for thriving here on Earth. While we may have similar tools in our toolbox, our soul’s missions are seldom the same. It is when we use tools to find our soulful mission and start living it that we return HOPE to the world.

I believe the healing journey, ultimately the HOPE journey starts by giving yourself permission to be yourself. It helps to give yourself permission to engage in the practice of feeling whole, rather than the perfection of getting it right. With this permission to practice, begin to explore what whole means to you.

You may need a guide (practitioner) to help you see the many circles that connect you to your highest self, your soulful purpose, your family, your business, and your community. The idea of circles is an Indigenous teaching of the many HOOPS of life. It takes practice to find presence within these hoops and within the presence self healing, self love, and resilience are found which empowers HOPE to thrive.

We have a choice to choose how we respond to life (respons-ability). When you choose to heal from within you choose to fuel the gift of HOPE. Choosing hope gives us permission to stop needing to fix the world and simply turn up as our most beautiful, healthy, vibrant and whole selves, just as we were designed to do.


Tawny Stowe

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