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5th Dimensional Healings

We all need to make conscious changes and raise our vibrations!

On December 21, 2012, our planet Earth has begun her energetic transformation from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional energy, and in addition to this the Law of Instant Karma is active on Earth since October 10, 2010, which means that besides the karma we brought with us, before we incarnate on Earth, everything we are creating through our negative thoughts and actions in our daily life are coming back to us much quicker so that we can see it and do something about it right away. So life has become very intense in the negative and in the positive as we move from the 3rd to the 5th dimensional energy. And this energetic transition has a major transformational impact on all living beings including Mother Earth. We are all experiencing difficulties to keep up with this high 5th dimensional energy: Many people are suffering from illnesses, difficult situations that keep happening, again and again, stressful relationships, mental and emotional distress and all kinds of fears.

We are also witnessing climate changes, natural disasters happening around the world, global economical crisis, etc.

Also through this, many people are feeling the need to make changes in their lives and health, changes in your thoughts, your consciousness, your patterns, the way you treat yourself and the way you treat others, including our planet and the animals that we don't eat in the 5th dimension.

So we all need to make conscious changes and raise our vibrations to keep up with this high 5th dimensional energy, and this could be done by receiving 5th dimensional healings, such as Essenian Healings and Pleiadian Healings, and also through the correct Reiki Initiations.

This is why, Reiki Master and Essenian Master Lisa Lux and Henk Mulder - two complementary souls, have been asked by the Godly Energies: by Jesus & Mary Magdalene to place back on Earth the Essenian Healing Methods and Pleiadian Healings and to train the new generation of Essenian Masters and Energetic Leaders of Pleiadian Healing circles around the world.


The Holy Essenian Healing Methods are ancient high energetic healing techniques that were practiced In ancient Egypt and later over 2000 years ago by the gnostic community of Essenes, by Jesus and Mary Magdalene among others. A lot of their knowledge also came from the ancient Mistery Schools of Enoch.

Essenian Masters and healers have a deep knowledge of the energetic healing power of certain stones and we work with them by laying them in holy geometric patterns creating an energetic field, with some breathing techniques, toning, the help of the Essenian Guide and the Power of the Mind in combination with the Power of Love. Through this, the healing can take place on a deeper level, purifying a piece of your karma.

These healings have an effect on the energy field in and around your body where all the physical and mental functions are programmed.

Essenian Masters, are trained to energetically communicate as pure and open channels with their Essenian Guides. Through this communication, the Essenian Guide brings the information that it's always checked through Lisa and Henk with Jesus and Mary Magdalene whether an Essenian healing is possible for you or not at this time according to your karmic path.

Besides receiving healings for yourself, if you feel attracted to work with stones and feel the calling to help others right away with these high energetic healings. You could participate in our Essenian Healings Level 1 workshops, in which you will learn the holy knowledge of the Essenes that includes, 3 healings in Level 1 such as Water healing, Mental healing, and Organ & Soft Tissue Pain healing, also you'll learn how to clean and charge stones in the Essenian way. You will receive 17-stones to perform healings and receive a diploma as an Essenian Assistant Healer.


Pleiadian Healings are also ancient high energetic healings placed back on Earth for all kinds of ailments and problems. They are performed in a Pleiadian Healing Circle by the Pleiadian Masters, who exist in the Pleiades- a 5th dimensional star cluster. Dolphins, the Guides, and a group of people are part of this circle. The people are trained to be only channels of the Universal Energy. There are several Pleiadian Healing Circles around the world, If you'd like to join our group, we could channel if this is possible for you.

None of these high energetic healings are a Religion, they come from the Highest Energy Source that is feminine and masculine energy that people call God, which we are all part of.


Reiki is the Universal Loving Healing Energy, and when you get initiated in Reiki correctly by a Reiki Master, your chakras will be cleaned and opened so you can become a channel of this Loving healing Energy. Reiki then will flow into your crown and out of your hands so you can pass it onto yourself and others, including animals and plants.

Although Reiki is not a 5th dimensional healing, it can help you day and night to work towards changing your negative patterns that only create more karma for you.

Our 2-day Reiki Initiations in the original Usui Shiki Ryoho Tradition, that we also offer to children from 7 years old and up, includes esoteric knowledge that will raise your vibrations and give you the tools to realize why the negative things in your life keep happening and to work on it. During these 2 days, you'll receive a number of initiations. For instance, in Reiki 1 you'll receive 4 initiations, become a certified Reiki practitioner and receive a diploma.

So if this knowledge resonates with you and you are ready to follow your healing path, raise your vibrations and make conscious changes in your life and health to be able to keep up with this high 5th dimensional energy, you could contact me by:

Phone: (289) 541-7803

For more information, please visit us at:

By choosing to heal yourself, you are also helping everyone around you including Mother Earth.


Danesa Lozano

Reiki Master (Teaching), Essenian Master (Teaching) and Energetic Leader of the Pleiadian Healing Circle in Canada

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