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Why It’s Good We’re Not Wearing Underwear Anymore

Yup, I just said that on the internet.

So, for the past few months, many of us have been staying home a lot more than we used to. And, let’s be serious, wearing jeans or dress pants at home all day is not comfortable. As a result, many of our wardrobes have changed drastically. Perhaps even into PJ pants all day territory. But I say the fewer clothes we wear, the better! And even better than that – it’s actually really healthy not to wear underwear. Yup, I just said that on the internet. But it’s true! Going -nakeyy- is probably not realistic, but going commando, or at least wearing looser fitting underwear, is totally do-able. So, just for fun, here are some reasons why I believe that one good thing that’s come out of this craziness is a lack of undergarments. Here we go:

First of all, for the ladies, not wearing a bra is one of the best things you can do for the *ahem* boobular region.

-Bras, especially wired ones, can stop your lymph nodes from draining and causes a build-up of toxins.

-To put it plainly, your boobs need to be free to move around in order for your lymphatic system to do its thing and stay healthy.

-Bras can also limit the amount of air going into your lungs, and it’s important to get good airflow to further clear toxins from your body.

As for panties, underoos, tighty-whities, or whatever you like to call them - it’s also good that they are making less of an appearance these days.

-For men, tight underwear may cause sperm counts to decrease.

-For both men and women, tight underwear can restrict blood circulation in the lower region. This may cause numbness in your lower body.

-And, if you’re into kinda -new wave- teachings, some say that underwear, in general, can restrict your sexual energy and libido… yeah… ya don’t wanna mess with that.

So, if you haven’t been doing so already – take it off… for health’s sake!


Krista Hannesen

Editor in Chief - A Beautiful Life Magazine

Krista is a lifestyle writer with interests in relationships, home & garden, entertainment, fashion, self-care, and finding the beauty in everyday life.

Instagram: @kristahannesen

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