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What if You Say it with GRIT?

Have you ever heard leaders say they wish their team members could speak the same language when situations are stressful because people are least likely to hear each other when the stakes are high?

My GRIT workshops bring a new vocabulary to workplaces and new insights into familiar relationships.

When you know someone defines their GRIT as Goals-Relationships-Ideas-Trust, it gives a road map to increase the odds of getting a message through to this person.

In contrast, for someone who defines their GRIT as Growth-Resolve-Inspiration-Tenacity, you would take a very different approach to steering the conversation about a challenging situation.

Who’s ready to create opportunities for their team members to speak the same language?

Have you got enough GRIT? Download my new audio book Know, Grow and Show Your GRIT! Self-Discovery Made Simple and learn more about the GRIT Pathways for individuals and groups.

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