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The Heart is Our Higher Intelligence!

It is imperative that people acknowledge the heart’s higher intelligence, for the mind alone cannot tell us who we are! The levels of intelligence available to mankind could be summarized as survival, logic, synchronicity, and love.

1st Dimension of Intelligence Within the Heart is ‘Unity’

Where unity is supreme, there is nothing more adaptable than goodness. Unity is also the source of intelligence; for it grants us the ability to integrate knowledge and to correctly define priorities.

2nd Dimension of Intelligence is ‘Love’

Love is t he power of the universe. Therefore, our greatest defense in life is to protect honour and respect love in its many forms. When we maintain this principle with clarity, our life’s purposes will come into view. Love is beyond just a feeling. It is a dimension of intelligence and purposeful living. Above all, it is the essence of who we are!

3rd dimension of intelligence is ‘Life’

Life is love in action. The hope of life is meaningful experience, happiness, fulfillment, and continuity. Life has indwelling intelligence. Follow life, serve the living, and fulfill our love by following the pathways that life is revealing to us~~for there is great wisdom in that simple process. Dwelling on old mistakes can be very costly!

4th Dimension of Intelligence is ‘Respect’

It begins with respect for God, respect for ourselves, respect for others and for all life forms. Respect is a point of honour. Though we are all part of one God, each being is unique in love, purpose and life. Unique qualities belong to each person and endow him with abilities, freedoms, and responsibilities that may not be present for another. What you do not bring to the earth, no one else will.

5th Dimension of Intelligence is ‘Honesty’

Without honesty, there is no such thing as higher intelligence. In many ways, honesty is the summation of other dimensions of intelligence. For how may intelligence even be accessed except though the practice of honesty? How can intelligence be applied to life unless a situation is honestly evaluated? It is unfortunate that honesty is regarded primarily as a guideline for morality rather than an aspect of intelligence. Honesty brings solutions to every problem of life, as well as science, law, and social management.

6th Dimension of Intelligence is ‘Justice’

Justice is the intelligence of exchange and balance. When balance is maintained, health prevails. Through the practice of balance and fair exchange, we will develop wisdom in our discourses with life and with others. There is a special dimension of intelligence in the heart, which allows this to happen.

7th Dimension of Intelligence is ‘Kindness’

Through acts of kindness our own abundance increases, for we have multiplied the ways in which our giving may be returned to us. Kindness is the heart of living. It is what makes life bearable, meaningful and delicious. In order to develop the intelligence of kindness, we must discover the joy of truly giving and forgiving—no strings attached, not even so much as for glory or recognition!


Rita Be-Still, Healer of Broken Hearts~

Be-Still~~A Place of Higher Spiritual Learning


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