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Podcast: Acceptance of What Is

In every moment, the universe is giving us exactly what we need for our spiritual advancement, but it's often challenging to work through our resistance to our current circumstances, to acceptance and eventually enlightenment on the issue at hand.

In this podcast, we will address the process of surrendering to what is. Please click the link to listen, and thank you!

About the Host:

For over 40 years, Bonita Kay Summers has been providing deep insights, inspiration and motivation through her psychic life and business coaching practice, helping clients from all walks of life attain happiness, career satisfaction, and clarity on their spiritual journey. Bonita has a background in crisis counselling, and as an Advanced Psych-K Facilitator. As a Business Coach, she also design unique websites for her clients, and teaches them how to successfully market their business. Bonita volunteers as a mentor for the WeBC (Women's Enterprise Centre), and the LD-ACE program for the University of Victoria, supporting aspiring First Nations entrepreneurs. It's Bonita's path and passion to support her clients to gain clarity regarding their path, transform limiting beliefs, fears, and unconscious patterns, and create a life they can love. Bonita looks forward to working with you!

Book a session or learn more about Bonita at:


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