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Mindful Motivation for Mindset Mastery ~ Apr 22nd, 2024

This week we are powerfully impacted by the Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio which arrives tomorrow (23rd)... under its light the universe will pose compelling questions to our soul. Known as the Pink Moon, this Full Moon signals a time of vitality and rebirth, it encourages us to reflect deeply. 🔍✨

What parts of your life do you feel change is inevitable, but you have been resisting due to some kind of fear or lack of confidence? What is something you know you need to change but have avoided? 😇

Here is our weekly session to see what we can focus upon to experience more of who we truly are this week... The idea of mastering our mindset is an important aspect to being aligned with who we are at a soul-level, to share our unique gifts and fulfill our calling.



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