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Ronnie & Krista are the mother daughter duo behind At Face Value Media and the A Beautiful Life Lifestyle brand.  A Beautiful Life started with an anthology book in 2017, and soon after expanded into a print magazine in 2018. From there, A Beautiful Life has exploded into an online magazine, podcast, publishing house, lifestyle events, and online lifestyle shop, with new readers, subscribers, and shoppers joining them each day. A Beautiful Life has grown into a community of like-minded people who want to surround themselves with positivity, light, and love.

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Ronnie Swais

Krista Swais-Hannesen

As Arab-German-Canadians, Ronnie and Krista bring a unique and diverse voice to the world. They strive to be a light in the darkness, and their mission is to help people on their journey to A Beautiful Life, in whatever way people want to find it - through the written word, audio, video, people, and products.

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