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Top 10 Flowers for a Romantic Garden

When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden. - Minnie Aumonier

More than ever, our gardens are becoming one of the most important parts of the warm weather. They are a sanctuary to escape to when we need peace from this crazy world. There is something so soothing about planting seeds and plants and watching beautiful flowers grow in your own backyard (or balcony)! This season many gardeners are leaning toward soft, romantic colours and shapes for their garden spaces. Read on for our top 10 picks for a romantic garden, and see more like this here.


Peonies are one of the most popular flowers to plant these day. And no wonder: they are stunning, come in tons of colours, and give off a strong scent. They are also known to grow for decades in the garden, which make them a great investment plant.


No romantic garden is complete without at least one rose - preferably 10! And they are surprising easy to care for, as long as you prune old flowers to encourage growth. Try a rose tree as a stunning centre point in your garden for a truly romantic look.

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas are very easy to grow from seed, and come in beautiful pinks and purples. They grow really fast and are a satisfying flower to grow in any romantic garden.


Another popular plant, hydrangeas can grow up to 15 feet when mature! Their beauty lies in the way their colour changes depending on the soil they are in. They are a great addition to a romantic garden as they blend nicely with any plant due to their sherbet hues.


This dainty flower will make you smile every time you walk past your garden. These plants will grow and thrive in their first season.


Hollyhocks are known for being a cottage flower, which makes them perfect for a dreamy, romantic garden. They grow super tall and are perfect against a fence or your house!


Iris flowers are synonymous with the spring season and add a bright pop of colour to your garden while still looking pretty and romantic. They do best in a spot with full sun.

Canterbury Bells

My personal favourite, Canterbury Bells come in stunning pastel colours. The plant produces and abundance of bell-shaped flowers that will show up two years after original planting - but they are well worth the wait.


When I think of an idyllic, romantic countryside, I think of lavender. This highly scented plant is a great companion plant to almost any other plant, and they keep deer away from other plants as well. Theses plants are amazing in any garden as you can cut the flowers and make lavender sachets!

Lily of the Valley

This plant features pretty, small white flowers that are nestled between stunning green foliage. This flower is a ground cover plant that will grow quickly and abundantly, and makes a perfect, beautiful flower for a romantic garden.


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