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Hair Slugging - Why You Need to Try It

Get the most beautiful hair of your life with this easy tip!

Tamara Bellis

You may have heard about facial slugging on social media - you coat your face in a thick cream or jelly to help your skin retain its moisture and stay soft.

Well as much as slugging is good for your face, turns out it's fantastic for your hair as well!

Monique Rapier is credited with creating this trend - which is actually more than just a passing fad - it's been around for thousands of years!

Hair slugging is when you place oil on your hair from root to tips, or just on the tips, then wrap your hair and leave it overnight.

This practice has been performed in Eastern cultures for a long time to keep hair looking and feeling its best.

Using coconut oil, castor oil, or a professional oil on your hair can go a long way in restoring moisture and adding shine to your hair.

Try it for yourself: massage oil through hair until saturated, then wrap in a silk scarf or fuzzy sock. Let sit overnight, then wash the next morning as normal.

Do this once a month for healthy hair.

Enjoy your silky strands!

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