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Welcome to the Jewelry Revolution!

Jewelry is the most transformative thing you can wear. – Iris Apfel

When you think of the women's liberation movement of the 60s and 70s, images of bra burnings and birth control pills easily spring to mind. Many of us never stop to consider the fact that the movement also revolutionized the way women wear jewelry.

Gone are the days of a woman being limited to having simply her wedding ring and perhaps a string of pearls in her jewelry wardrobe. We are free to enjoy as much as we like - anything from trendy costume pieces to the finest of diamonds. Our collections are tailored to our unique tastes, as diverse and colourful as we choose.

In fact, colour has found its way permanently into our choice of jewelry today. The "fab four" as they are often called -diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires - used to be all that was on offer. Now we can easily find vividly coloured gems like tanzanite, peridot, and topaz in the market, alongside more unusual stones like prenhite and sodalite.

Sure, engagement and wedding rings are still a tradition on our left hands. But we can balance that by changing up the rest of the jewelry we wear as it suits us - an apt metaphor for the balancing act we all do between family and individuality, commitment and personal choice.

And, importantly, we now have the freedom to purchase jewelry for ourselves. In generations past, jewelry was something a woman needed to receive as a gift from a man. This stigma is long gone, and today's women are comfortable choosing and purchasing items they really want.

And why not? Women have independent careers, their own personal goals, and contribute to the household income. If we want a diamond pendant for our 30th then why not choose one we like and treat ourselves?

No longer simply an indication of general fashion trends, your jewelry is now a statement of your individuality and your personal flair.

The only thing that remains? Enjoy it!

By: Lynda Hester


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