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Tea Leaf Reading class

Learn the history of tea leaf reading. We will delve into setting your intentions for clarity and focus to be able to tune into your client and trust your intuition and judgment. We will go through actual practice with samples from participating individuals. We will also begin a discussion on "the wish".· Importance of ritual connection · ‘tuning in – literally’ to your client· Intuition/empathy/using and trusting your incite/gut feelings· Interpretation of images/symbols/feelings· tuning into the person you’re reading for regarding possible “bad” news/images that you perceive/what to withhold and what to convey· The wish – its importance/placement/meaning/interpretation

Dawn will be explaining the ritual of connecting to your client, & the making of the wish.

Each person drinks a cup of tea as a learning experience and exchanges it with another participant to learn to “see” the symbols or visions presented in the cup as well as the particular “feeling” that you get as the medium doing the interpretation. This would not be a “reading” for each other, but a way to see what the cups may present and the differences among them.

Dawn is a 3rd generation tea leaf Reader. It is her belief that we are always free to change our pathways. Her intention is to share what she perceives as you make your way!

Tea Leaf Reading Class –Sat April 20, 2:00PM to 4:00PM.

Cost $95Must RSVP (585) 663-6454Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center4358 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14622(Location Seabreeze in the Town of Irondequoit)RSVP, call or text (585) 663-6454


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