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Monday Meditation with Melissa

Do you realize you have the innate ability to know which way to go for your greatest healing? Through meditation and intuitive healing work I help you and guide you to discover how to go inwards and find this space of awareness and true knowledge. Join me in an interactive class every week where I will teach you how to use this step by step method when faced with any healing or decision that you need to make. I Guide you and hold space for you as you master this method for yourself. You learn how to trust your inner wisdom and guidance system. You will begin to bolster your intuition and you will be able to apply this to your daily life. Come and discover the magic within you! When booking please message me and provide me your email address to send out the zoom. This is a 6 week series. Purchase 6 sessions $150 or $25 for drop in

Contact Melissa at Email for your Zoom link. You will be sent a link after payment is received! This will be sent in email and also added to the Facebook messenger group Melissa‘s Monday Night Meditation. Ask Melissa about her facebook groups.

To sign up for Melissa's next 6 week series click the link below. Call today 905 866 7424

Next series begins this week.


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