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Litmus Test for a Great Year! Recipe for a Fantastic Year!

If you put a person in an untenable position with no support something is going to go bad! Poverty, a bad breakup (not very many people think there are good break ups). Losing a very close person! All of these things can have a negative impact on your life! If you have a coach or mentor or even a great friend they can help you through the quagmire! I went through all of these things and without support! I did have some friends but most walked away saying you are strong! The line was written in the sand and I am sure at the time I was not the best role model! But eventually I needed to pick myself up up and move forward! Apologizing to others every time others are having a bad day do not make the hurt go away but I learnt to grow and thrive! Sometimes I had to fail, and I did fail,a lot back in the day to be successful moving forward! It is about not looking in the rear view mirror anymore and look forward!

The New Year gives s us that blank slate to start over and do better also like a vintage wine, age helps in this! It is the never make the same mistake rule! If you put your hand on a hot stove it will burn, hopefully you will not ever do that again! You learn and life lessons can help you!

First of all know that is important to know what you want to do in life, love and business

  • Write down your goals

  • Short term for today, the next week, next month, next three months

  • Long term 6 months, 1 year and next 5 years. (Having dates of the goals and having a calendar visible with your goal dates makes it happen!

  • Write down dates you want to achieve your goals and what small or large steps you will need to achieve them!

  • Make a vision board and keep your wants or wishes in front of you each and every day!

  • Put post it notes with positive thoughts in front of you!

Put yourself with positive people! Negative people will suck the blood out from you and negative begets more negativity!

Read books that will help you to grow as a person! Let bad things roll off your back and onto the floor! (Make sure to sweep it up and dispose of the mess)

Don’t let others steal your dreams, they are your dreams for a reason and gives you a life purpose!

Be true to yourself and follow your heart and head! If it does not feel right, it probably is not right for you!

My biggest thing was always saying yes even when I should have paused and thought about it first!! Sometimes saying “No or not right now” is the right choice

Take a breath look around and then think about it... is yes the answer or do you have some questions that need to be answered or is the true answer NO! I always said if you say please and thank you I will do just about anything! I must switch that to most of the time I will do it! You have to be honest to yourself and others! You have to walk the walk and talk the talk and be authentic! Let’s leave last year behind and be excited about what is coming this year is going to be the best year yet in your life!

There will always be rollercoasters, and bumps in the road but how you deal with it is on you! Do not use what happened in the past to get stuck! Use that mud and walk through! You know you can do it!

Look at yourself in the mirror every day and tell that person that you love them and they are a beautiful person and that person in the mirror can do anything they set out to do!

Final thoughts when you want to find out if the pool water is in balance you take a litmus test and test the water! I say not only test it but dive right in and be the most authentic, beautiful, wonderful person you can be! Your light is so bright is shines like the sun! You can reach your goals, your dreams and your full potential!

Dream big!

Recipe for a great year

1. One part love

2. Two parts happiness

3. Three parts potential

4. Four parts attitude

5. Five parts smile

6. Six parts persistence

7. Seven parts motivation

8. Eight parts drive

9. Nine parts enthusiasm

10. Ten parts of Just Doing It (Nike)

Mix all 10 ingredients together and nurture it each and every day! Your year will be a fantastic one! Let me know how your recipe turns out!

Share this recipe with a friend and they will have a fantastic year as well!


Tova Gaisin

B”H TovaG

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