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Healing Generations

Each of us are our own person and live our own lives, but we are also made up of DNA that goes back to the beginning of human time.

Our ancestors are the biological and historical members of our lineage. They are us, part of our DNA. We are here because of them. We can heal ourselves, as well as past and future generations by working with our ancestors.

Even if you are part of a blended family, orphaned, fostered, or don't know who your ancestors are, the ancestors are still part of your every cell. They are also part of our health, physical features, and predispositions.

Most of us are aware of the prevalence of DNA testing, and many of us may have even used it to determine potential health risks. When babies are born, we often look at the child and see "grandma's eyes" or "grandpa's nose" and so on. What we may not think of, though, is the family history or tendency for talents, gifts, trauma, life events, and more.

How is it possible to inherit talents, trauma, etc.? Everything is encoded in our DNA. The science of epigenetics deals with the study of ancestral wounds and trauma being passed from generation to generation.

There have been studies performed that reveal that our DNA carries the memories of trauma forward into each new family member. This repetition continues until that trauma has been healed. In one experiment, scientists produced a scent prior to giving a mild shock to a pregnant mouse. Naturally, the mouse showed the signs of trauma. After her babies were born, the scientists produced the scent for them without any shock. The babies went into their own experience of trauma when they smelled the scent despite not having experienced the trauma themselves. The experiment continued tor eight subsequent generations of mice, with each generation showing the same trauma response that the original pregnant mouse had in the beginning, although none of them had actually experienced the feeling of being shocked.

Given the vast array of traumas that humans have been subjected to over our long history that includes wars, abuse, violent crimes, suicide, etc. it is no small wonder that we have inherited trauma responses or even inherited similar behaviours or repeated patterns. We can look back to our ancestors and learn where the traumas came from.

That's a lot to take in, isn't it? In addition to inherited trauma, let's also consider the great gifts that our ancestors have bestowed on us. If you have ever wondered where you get your strength, your resilience, your artistic abilities, and more, from, you can also thank your ancestors for those, too.

Yes, we are us, unique divine beings in human form. We are each of us our own person and live our own lives. We are also made up of DNA that goes back to the beginning of human time.

How do you know if you have inherited traumas? One way would be to look at the patterns in your family. One of my clients told me that her brother lost his wife and he and his 10year old son needed to move back home with the boy's grandmother. Which was exactly the same thing that happened to my client's father. It's patterns like these that show up. Or, an irrational fear of drowning from a boat. Until you discover that an aunt died that way.

Healing your ancestral lineage is a spiritual process to help you connect with your ancestors so that you can resolve and repair their emotional distresses and traumas. This healing can definitely help release ourselves from energetic patterns that inhibit and disrupt our lives. While ancestral healing and breaking passed-down karmic patterns is not new, the scientific research that many correlate with this process is.

Just as the study with the mice, there have also been studies that showed exposure to trauma can biologically impact an individual and offspring. These stressors can cause inherited alterations to gene expression thus dictating cell function. These studies help pave the road to a better understanding of how ancestral and historical traumas can still affect us today.

As an Advanced Ohana Generational Healing Practitioner, I can help you heal inherited family trauma that has been passed down through the DNA of your ancestors. I can help you access the traumatic entrance points and release the memories that have been stored in your energetic body, so that you can start to move forward without the old traumas holding you back.

A one-hour in person or distance session to enhance your generational gifts and also clear generational traumas. Ongoing sessions are available. Please reach out and help yourself as well as future generations.


Rev. Shirlee Rankin has been a therapist, educator, and speaker for over 30 years and is an Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, Ohana Generational Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master, Crystal Practitioner, Animal Communicator, and is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister.

Through years of dedication and study in various physical and metaphysical streams, she is dedicated to helping people discover their Divine Life Purpose and assists couples and families with Soul Realignment, Relationship Readings, Healing family traumas, and performs crystal and reiki treatments for both people and animals.

Shirlee is now called to help in a new way by becoming a metaphysical minister and offering her services as a counselor, wedding officiant, and celebrates life transitions.


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