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Exploring Your Energy Centers and Summer Solstice Channeled Meditation Tuesday June 21 7:00PM

This is coming on the summer solstice! Come for the work shop at 7 Pm to learn about your energy centers and Enjoy a Summer solstice channeled meditation at 8:30 PM Join us for this enlightening workshop to Explore your Energy Centers on Tuesday, June 21, 2022 at 7:00 pm. We will discover the seven chakras and how each center can help you embrace your healing power! Introductory price $13. RSVP . Contact me via email, text or phone at 905-866-7424! I accept etransfer to Paypal

This is my greatest passion in sharing our energy canters and how they relate to our physical body , mind and spirit. I bring my knowledge of the Nursing in the western world and blend it with our powerful energy bodies and how this all relates to our cellular and emotional healing. Be sure to join me for more information sessions and workshops and my special meditations.

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