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Cord Cutting - Group Ceremony

Cords are energetic connections that link us to other people, places, objects, thoughts, or beliefs. They are invisible connections. But think of these cords like a network of spider webs connecting us with literally every person we have ever interacted with… friends, lovers, family, employers. Each cord has energy going into it from both ends. The strength of the cord or connection depends upon how much energy (healthy or toxic) we give it, and how much energy we allow from the other end. When there is an unhealthy connection, there is an imbalance in the relationship. Imbalances can affect mood, feelings of dependency, anger, anxiety, resentment, mistrust, fear, feeling drained, and

obsessive thinking. These tendencies flow over into all areas of our lives. Cord Cutting allows us to reset the connection, recalling our energy (and power), giving us a chance to reestablish the relationship. Cutting an unhealthy energetic connection helps us find clarity and inner peace. We become be more present, and more aware of our surroundings. All energetic cords have the potential to grow back. Some cords are so toxic that they may need to be cut for maintenance a few times until healthy boundaries are established.

We must do the work to create a foundation of healthy boundaries, otherwise, the lessons repeat themselves. You are here to reclaim your freedom! Come with a specific person, place, thing, thought or belief which you would like to reset the connection. Bring a bottle of water, eye mask, and comfortable clothing. We will be lying down on yoga mats. Blankets are available. Participants will be lead into a guided meditation in sacred space.Wed, May 22, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Healthy Alternatives Wellness Center4358 Culver Rd, Rochester, NY 14622.

Regular $22

Cash Discount $20 Cash at the doorMust RSVP (585) 663-6454



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