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Change is Possible

Are you showing up as that best version of you? Because when YOU show up differently, everything around you changes.

Katrina Murphy

Mindset Coach and Facilitator.

Are you showing up as that best version of you? Because when YOU show up differently, everything around you changes. When you’re a high-achiever, you’ve created a considerable amount of success in your life. You have a great job, great relationships, family, success, status... And yet, something isn’t quite right. It’s like things are fine... They’re okay. But not fine at the same time. Maybe you even feel guilty for not being okay with how things are. And you’re tired of this feeling causing stress and anxiety, impacting your performance and keeping you from reaching your full potential. ... I get it, it’s frustrating. It can even seem like happiness is elusive to you. Welcome to Katrina Murphy Coaching... I’m your personal Mindset and Confidence Coach who will support you to uncover what’s not working for you. We’re going to pause... and I’m going to create a safe space for you. And within that space, you’re going to talk about what holds you back and what slows you down.

Together we are going to go through a process of ‘undoing’ so that you can reconnect with who you are and what you want. And then we’re going to look at things through a different lens and develop new tools for moving you forward. Because of my process you will be less stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed. You’ll create a perspective of positivity and optimism and have renewed confidence with a mindset that is in alignment to your purpose. And you will be calm, centered & feel free. Katrina Murphy, Mindset and Confidence Coach. Certified as a Professional Life Coach by the International Coaching Federation Accredited Life Purpose Institute, with an honours degree in Psychology.

Katrina devoted the past 20 years to understanding human behaviour and being an outlet for people to sort out their lives. What she sees most often in her clients is people stuck in patterns of self-sabotage, people-pleasing or perfectionism. Her program uncovers the subconscious programming that creates patterns of self-destructive behavior while transforming their focus from outward to inward. This, boosts confidence and shifts mindset so that they can alter their sense peace and freedom in their lives. Katrina believes that when you redesign your mind, you fundamentally change the relationship that you have with yourself.

This fundamental change transforms every area in your life because YOU show up differently. With proven tools and techniques, and with her guidance, her clients tap into and discover their true potential while aligning with their soul and purpose. Ultimately it is this shift in awareness and understanding that brings about an individual’s deep sense of freedom and peace. Katrina’s coaching is based around a deeply personal, relationship-based experience that builds on the uniqueness of each person. Her approach is warm, collaborative, and judgment-free while holding space for her clients to process difficult emotions. She offers provocative and direct questioning designed to challenge your beliefs and create understanding. Her standards of care involve not only her education and experience but her intuition and insight from an empathetic perspective.

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