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NLP Coaching & Training

NLP is known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is described by Joseph O’Connor in his book “Introducing NLP”, “as an art and science of personal excellence”.

NLP has many models of excellence that are used in communications, business, education and therapy. It is a practical skill that creates Results we truly want in the world while creating value for others in the process, and is becoming increasingly influential all over the world.

Lynda Dyer

Master Trainer of NLP Matrix Therapies Coaching Certification

In 2002 Lynda was asked by Bob Proctor to become a facilitator of his world-renowned Life Success Personal Development Programs and graduated from the Bob Proctor Academy with full honors.

Lynda has overcome many personal challenges within her own life, including totally defeating the debilitating Lupus condition. Inspired by her own achievements, her passion is in the education and empowerment of others, and combined with her extensive experience and qualifications, Lynda’s educational and motivational seminars are always highly sought after.

Lynda’s focus has always been on helping people to enhance their own abilities. She has been involved in education and training from a very young age, including the production of numerous videos in the areas of fitness, motivation, health, and personal development. Lynda’s educational and training materials are used throughout the world. She has lectured in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Lynda is an inspiration, with her endless enthusiasm, positive energy, dedication, and professionalism. Her achievements and popularity speak for themselves. She has touched the hearts of many and inspires people to achieve their infinite potential. Please don’t miss the opportunity to join those who have benefited from all that she has to offer.

She is a Master Trainer of NLP Matrix Therapies Coaching Certification, a cast member on Living Consciously TV Shows, an Author of her new book “Make it Happen Now”, and also a co-writer of the new Best Selling Books; “Ready, Aim Influence” AND “Ready Aim Inspire.


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