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Ask Yourself “What Have I Got to Gain?”

Whenever I’m in conversations with people who are contemplating a big decision, I find that many of them tend to focus on scarcity. They ask themselves “What have I got to lose?” and a flood of answers may come. This, in turn, generates anxious and fearful thoughts about the potential losses which usually delays the decision and causes people to stick with the status quo. Although it’s often a rhetorical question, sometimes they’ve got a lot to lose and sometimes they’ve got nothing to lose at all!

In my definition of my GRIT, the ‘I’ is for my imagination which often prompts me to flip things around a little. For example, when it comes time to make a big decision, I tend to ask myself the question “What have I got to gain?” and this subtle shift in perspective will get me energized about a situation that may otherwise appear negative.

When my brain registers that I may gain something positive such as insight, perspective or guidance from a challenging situation, I start to imagine new benefits that hadn’t even crossed my mind. How could things be different for you if you approached decisions by considering potential gains?

If you’re contemplating a big decision right now, what have you got to gain when you commit to discover and explore your GRIT (i.e., your unique strengths in the face of obstacles)? This untapped potential is yours to discover when you make the time to know, grow and show your GRIT!

Check out these episodes of the Grow My GRIT podcast to hear about some gains for a range of GRITizens: a Mother of four, a Coach to high-performing athletes, an Expressive Arts Therapist in-training and the podcast co-hosts!

Episode 9: Haze and Peter love words and this episode is all about their search for the “best” way to describe how their GRIT can direct their attention to potential losses or highlight potential gains in the face of challenges. Take a listen and see if you can identify where your GRIT puts you on the continuum of an abundance mindset versus a scarcity mindset. When it’s time to navigate obstacles, do you feel as though you’re in a pit trying to work your way back up to where you started? Maybe you feel as though you’re at the base of a hill trying to decide where to start your climb? Each situation requires the strength and stamina that come from GRIT so both paths are worth the effort!

Episode 10: We took a long trip down memory lane in this episode with our guest, Andrea, who realized that her initial attempt at knowing her GRIT was partially based on her parents’ voices instead of her own voice! Now that she’s got four children and a busy household to manage, Andrea shares how important it is to connect with your GRIT and keep modelling it for the next generation. From the sounds of things, there just might be a Family GRIT night in her future!

Episode 21: Meet Hunter George! Hunter is a professional Paddling Coach who fell in love with Sprint/Flatwater canoe kayaking and the paddling community at 10 years old. He began coaching in the Summer Youth Programs as soon as he was old enough! Hunter has been a full-time Coach for over a decade and his coaching journey has brought him to provincial, national and international competitions alongside incredible athletes. He’s been in the record books and on top of podiums but what he cherishes most about his work is the relationships he’s cultivated along the way. You may be as surprised as Peter to hear what Hunter does when he’s not encouraging his high-performing athletes to push each other by pushing themselves! This world-class Coach defines his GRIT as: Gainz (not gains) Resilience If not, when? If not you, who? Truth Hunter offers practical guidance and several growth opportunities for those of us navigating everyday obstacles. His influence is immediate and inspiring!

Episode 22: Artist Renata Chubb shares how her first-hand experience with the Flow Your GRIT program was an integral first step for her long-awaited return to herself. The challenges associated with trusting her body then listening to it with GRIT led to confidence that spilled over into her newest entrepreneurial endeavours! In this episode, you’ll hear the very relatable insights she’s gained about:

· impatiently cultivating patience

· showing up in all her imperfections

· teaching the work that she needs to be doing herself

· staying true to her own capabilities despite other people’s narratives

What are Renata’s GRIT words? Growth Resilience Integrity If - Then Truth GRIT helped Renata expose some of the lies she’s been carrying around for decades. She’s chosen to drop them so she can be lighter for the next steps on her journey home to herself!

Learn more about the GRIT Pathways for individuals and groups.

Haze Schepmyer

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