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Be Ready and Equipped to Navigate Obstacles with Renewed Passion and Purpose!

Haze Schepmyer, Facilitator, Author and Speaker, invites you to explore and upgrade your default setting in the face of obstacles and challenging situations (i.e., your GRIT!).

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For as long as she can remember, Haze Schepmyer has been encouraging people to consider the unique strengths they reliably bring to challenging situations. She became an entrepreneur in 2019 after losing the best job ever and then deciding to create the best job ever!

For Haze, the best job EVER is one in which she gets to facilitate conversations that help people to know, grow and show their GRIT (i.e., one’s default setting when navigating obstacles). She has honed her GRIT in various settings over the last three decades and those experiences informed her unconventional approach to self-exploration and self-discovery.

Whether you embark on the Explorer Path, the Seeker Path, the Warrior Path or the Flow Your GRIT journey, Haze is crystal clear on her intentions to see you thrive on the other side of obstacles. All she asks is that you tap into the mountain of resources already residing within you!

Through her unique Know, Grow and Show your GRIT™ personal development programs, workshops and book, you can access the tools and coaching to approach challenging situations with renewed passion and purpose!

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GRIT in 2022

One of the biggest obstacles since 2020 has been navigating unwanted changes to our identities in the face of loss.

One of the biggest opportunities for 2022 is the possibility of recreating our identities using the unique strengths we bring to challenging situations. Are you ready?

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