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You'll Get What You Want When You Find Your Voice

Dianna Leeder

Dianna Leeder is a Canadian author, podcaster, and owner of Crave More Life Coaching. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, and an American Confidence Institute Certified Confidence Coach.

She has dedicated the last four decades to helping people find and use their voices, intuitively seeing their blocks to being authentic to themselves and holding the space of self-understanding, self-acceptance and unconditional love. Dianna opens them up to being themselves and having the relationship experiences they truly want, need, and desire.

Her own path of un-silencing herself has become the journey through which she coaches others and certifies Find Your Voice Healers. She holds the power of each of us to heal and live our purpose by aligning to self and being true to that person, as sacred and honourable. From clients to her own grand babes, Dianna’s message is simple.

“Look inside.

She believes the time of living with silenced voices is over and, through her Voices Project, offers clients a journey of self-exploration to find and use their voices, a platform for healing through writing both published and unpublished works, and the Find Your Voice Healers Certification Training for coaches and holistic healers.

Dianna lives in the Toronto, Canada area and shares life with her hubby, two daughters and their partners, her three super fun grandkids that she intentionally creates her relationships with, and her future dog. She’s into spiritual healing, travel, designing aligned space, and the healing of the planet.

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