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Who Makes The Rules Anyway?

By: Petra Williams

Yesterday while walking the dogs, I watched two girls about 5 years old playing a ball game. I was amused at how the one girl simply made up rules that gave her the advantage. The other girl simply ignored the rules and carried on doing her cartwheels, hand stands and occasionally throwing the ball.

Watching them, I started to ponder, who really makes the rules anyway and why should I care?

The second we pop out into the world with an almighty cry, we have to adhere to rules. Rules from our parents, society, government, relationships, school, and on and on it goes.

And these rules are crippling because they teach us that what we want is wrong if it doesn’t follow the rules, that we can’t trust ourselves because someone knows better than us, and we are not in control of our own lives.

There’s even a name for standing up against the rules –Social Suicide.

So is it any wonder you find it so hard to follow your dreams? To listen and to trust your soul’s calling?

When I first wanted to share my gifts with the world as an emcee, presenter and speaker, I was told that it would be hard because 20 million other people wanted to do the same. I was told that I had to write a book to build authority, that I had to do unpaid gigs to build a reputation and that I had to fight for every opportunity.

From what I was told, following my dream felt like crossing a field of landmines. Holy Moly.

But that wasn’t my experience at all.

I started my own online talk show and podcast. I connected with people easily that hired me to present at their events, and I reached out to successful speakers who openly helped me get ahead.

Now, I’ve interviewed millionaires, celebrities, sports and business people, spiritual teachers, every day people… I’ve emceed big scale, high profile events; book launches, webinars, retreats and musical festivals.

My rule is to have fun and know that everyone wants to help me actualize my dream – and they did and still do.

So as you ponder what to do next, or how to live your Red Hot Truth, ignore the rules. They were created to give someone else the advantage. Write your own rules and take control of creating your own life.

Have fun!!!

Petra Williams

Petra's a dedicated humanist with an insatiable drive to help people live their truth. An international talk show host, podcaster, speaker, and transformational travel business owner.

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