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About Barbara Ford

Barbara is a Spiritual Advisor, Psychic Medium, Holistic Practitioner & Paranormal Expert

Barbara has been practicing many different types of holistic modalities since the mid-1990s and has studied under some of the best psychics and healers in Canada.

She is honoured to continue to receive teachings and guidance from Indigenous Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Advocates and Leaders. Barbara participates in many indigenous practices, including working with medicines, drumming, dream work, advocacy, and more. This has helped her to reconnect with her own indigenous heritage and reclaim some of her family's lost culture.

Barbara has training and experience with holistic healing techniques such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Crystal Healing, Touch for Health, and Tibetan Energy Massage. Barbara was honoured as the "Healer of the Month" April 2009 with the Ontario Holistic Registry, was featured on Light-Workers Business in 2014, and was published in the True Blue Spirit Magazine in 2014. Barbara released her first meditation CD in 2015 entitled "Grounding White Light" which has quickly become quite popular and continues to be so today.

Barbara also conducts Spiritual House Clearings. She was showcased in Fritz Polzer's Documentary for her expertise in Paranormal Phenomena. She has also participated in a several TV shows including YTV's "Ghost Trackers" as a Paranormal Expert. Barbara was featured in Richard Palmisano's book "Meeting Place of the Dead" for her consultation on a local haunting. In 2019 she was featured in the National Real Estate Magazine regarding her expertise on the impact of hauntings on real estate dealings.

Barbara enjoys sharing her knowledge and connecting with other holistic and paranormal enthusiasts so she participates in many online forums. She has been consistently voted as Canada's Top Paranormal Expert on Yahoo Answers (An online forum of over 19 million people) from 2007 to 2018 when she left the forum to create her own group on Facebook - Paranormal Enthusiasts of Ontario.

In addition, Barbara is a very accomplished and internationally recognized

Tarot Reader, Crystal and Spiritual Healer. Her sessions are unique because they are considered multi-dimensional; she incorporated different Tarot and Oracle Cards, Pendulums, Photo Reading, Energy Scanning, and Mediumship of connecting in with loved ones who have passed over. The purpose of her sessions it to help her clients see their situation from a new perspective. She does not tell people how to live their lives, but rather provides new information and perspectives for the client to help them live their lives more authentically.

While in general she maintains her practice at InSpirit Centre, she does have extensive experience across the Greater Toronto Area and she has conducted sessions in person as far as Thailand, Jamaica, and across Canada and the USA . She has had clients come from all over the world to see her including coast to coast in Canada and the USA, Mexico, Guyana, Guatemala, Jamaica, Trinidad, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Belgium, France, England, Australia, Mauritius Islands, and Russia. Barbara has also provided distance readings to people all over the world.

​Barbara is very down to earth, and has a warm non-judgmental attitude making her sessions a life changing experience.

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