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What's Your Focus?

The rain is lightening up, and the flowers are starting to bloom. Yes, things are a little different this year, but I am choosing to focus on the flowers. And the carrots, radishes, strawberries (can you tell I’m growing a lot this year?) I had already planned on starting a fruit and vegetable garden this year before the craziness started - and I’m so glad I did. Nothing is better than forgetting all your troubles in some dirt, and caring for the plants. If you haven’t already, and if you can, I highly suggest you grow something this year - even if it's one plant! What's great about gardening is that you can get a tree for 100 dollars, but you can also get a succulent for 3 dollars. Or some seeds for 99 cents! If spending money on plants is not part of your plan either, you can always take some seeds from produce that you buy at the grocery store and plant them.

I've been hearing a lot about "self-care" these days. I totally get it, and I totally agree that during these crazy times, we must take care of ourselves and our mental health. But what about others-care? A few nights ago I was thinking to myself: "Man, I'd really like it if someone called me right now." After I thought that it dawned on me: if I'm thinking that, I’m sure many others are feeling that way too! It's easy to get into our own heads during times like these, so I reached out to some friends. They were really happy that I reached out to them, and I was happy too that I took a chance and thought about how others are feeling through this time, not just how I'm feeling. Reaching out to others also got me out of my own head, and helped me focus on something else, which naturally lifted some of my burdens and pain.

It was also the idea of focusing on something other than myself that made me so happy to take care of my plants. Plants are living, breathing, feeling entities, and just spending some time focusing on them can instantly lift your mood.

Try saying “Good Morning” to your plant, even the dandelions in your yard! You’ll be surprised at how much more you smile!

And, next time you're feeling down, try reaching out to someone and saying "hi" - whether that's through the phone, a video call, or as you see your neighbour passing by. It could give you a smile, and make someone else smile too.


This article originally appeared in the May Issue of A Beautiful Life Magazine


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