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To Know It Will Make a Difference

By Melissa Downard

To Know It will make a difference - Channeled June 9th, 2020

I believe that every relationship we are in teaches us something new. We are here on this journey in our lifetimes to experience love, sadness, pain, compassion, hurt, and jealousy etc. It is these complex feelings and expressions that allow us to learn and grow. These are the emotions we need to feel so we can truly feel and understand the true meaning of love and compassion. Our feelings are real and validation for how and what we feel is required for us to heal, while we are navigating our hearts through our many facets of relationships that we encounter. Through this we can grow, release and let go and become the better versions of ourselves in each new relationship.

In the beginning we have time, we trust, we learn, we listen, to be the one who thinks of you to know it makes a difference.

To be a part of sacred days all filled with fruition. We conquer all you feel inside to feel it with intuition.

We believe in all the ties it brings to be connected in our hearts, the binding notes we sing to you is not keeping you apart.

The soaring rolls of licentious hearts all sink within the floors, as you scrounge around in search of peace, you end up out the door.

The timely chatter in our heads keeps us thinking way too much, when all we bother to really know is the feeling of your touch.

The limiting beliefs we feel inside is what is keeping us so down, if we only trusted what we have, then we could leave without a frown.

The turbulent titles that we carry can keep us from see through, to the common misconceptions which we know they are not true.

The kindness that we once forgave as a way of seeking us out, will be bothersome to some of us when you are considering the doubt.

The tiny tables take a turn and enter the equation, when all you really feel inside is the end of all your fables.

To speak of and be of utmost distrust to be in your position, will carry forth with the twinkling torch to fade out of existence.

Bringing forth and bearing fruit to all your deception, can only take you down inside, and beg for more affection.

To seek out all you have at hand and only take a listen, will continue conquering deep inside until you are forgiven.

Your Own Path Decided

Tethering together is all that you need, while watching you gliding and starting to bleed,

The wind comes up blinding and follows you home, while standing there leaving you feeling alone.

To be there on purpose to seek what you want and catching it gently while you conspicuously flaunt.

The words come out twisted and shows you cannot speak. This reinforcing of how you are weak.

The roles are all turned around now, and you go out of sight. Knowing all this won’t be won with a fight.

The lessons are learned as we grow from each other. While counting our blessings of our gift to be mothers.

The oceans tread quickly and come beating you down, but the moment you see this just get right out of town.

The wishes and prayers that you once knew, are changing so quickly you don’t know what to do.

The laughter and caring that you once had, are turning on you now and making you mad.

The sorrow caresses and is tearing you down, as you carry on boldly while wearing you crown.

In pride and enlightenment, you know what to do, Go start your life to become someone new.

Let it all go now and be who you are and know that your soul may be left with a scar.

The moment comes to you and you feel it inside. The release of the tension as you let out a cry.

Seeking out healing and ways to be guided, you go down that path of the new one decided.

The growth now is coming and leading you home, while the freedom now given to set out on your own.

Spiritual Channeler, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, Psychic Medium, Essenain Assistant Healer, Writer, Speaker, Registered Practical Nurse

Georgetown Ontario


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