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There is never a crowd on the leading edge.


Because most people are living the conditioned, trained life that the world has programmed into them.

They have lost hope in their dreams many years ago.

It has been beaten and feared out of them.

Have you noticed that people walk around in autopilot mode with blank stares in their eyes?

For those of us that have awakened, we see it so clearly.

The zombie-like people.

The angry ones that spew hate everywhere.

The oblivious, can't believe what you are seeing people.

I am seeing more and more of these souls every day, lost, confused and angry.

You see, they all have had a chance to awaken.

They all have been nudged by the Universe.

They are not ready!

But, you are, or you wouldn't be here reading this!

You are on the leading edge right now as you constantly step into your life with an open heart and mind to evolve into the best you can be.

You are willing to focus on what is best for your highest good and willing to step into unknowns to further your connection with the Universe/God/Source Energy.

And sometimes it feels like a lonely journey, right? Because there is never a crowd on the leading edge.

You are carving the way for others. Forging ahead and taking chances with your faith like never before.

Keep stepping into that place as you become the leader you were intended to be.

You are on the Leading Edge.

Judy K Martene


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