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The Universe Awaits You

By: Gerard Hibbert

Many are choosing to rise and exist in higher vibrations.

In March of this year I was scheduled to be guest speaker at the Georgina Paranormal Society's’ (GPS) bi-monthly meeting.

The first part of my talk would entail a self introduction, a bit about what I am about followed by an interesting journey down the road that is my life... Lovely stuff.

I was then going to talk about vibrations and frequencies, some inner child stuff and also talk about my book.

Again all wonderful stuff.

I have to say however, that if I look at this subjectively from where we sit now in this time space reality I am happy the meeting got canceled.

Absolutely, it would have been a fantastic opportunity to do some networking, to attain local clients and continue to grow my practice. But the talk really would not have offered what we know as the truth the justice it merits.

No doubt it would have still made an impact and opened many peoples eyes to a whole new level of existence - but, it was not time.

You see this whole Covid thing has not just been an eye opener for me, it has been an eye opener for billions around the globe.

Many are living in fear as well as several other of the lower vibrations.

Many are choosing to rise and exist in the higher vibrations… Very Very cool stuff.

On a personal level I have to say that it has been a very interesting time for me.

I have been broadening my horizons, watching and listening to Jim Self, Dolores Cannon, Kryon, Paul Selig as well as several others.

The information out there is incredible, such an astounding wealth of universal knowledge and so many opening up the ability to access this information…. We are surrounded by it, and we ourselves are a universal database.

I first started experiencing out of body early last year, moments in meditation, just heading out there and being one with all at the same time.

This year during Covid these events have been occurring more frequently. Not only that, I have also experienced serious energy movements through my entire body causing me to do what can only be described as some kind of snake dance. I have experienced my body purging stuff, quite wildly at times and it would also appear I am in fairly close communion with higher self as I seem to be channeling at times. Very cool stuff.

However, I am not any more special than anyone else. WE ARE ALL SPECIAL, and we all have the ability to be in complete union with self (not all the time ☺) .

Many, many, many are having these kind of experiences around the world as the energies shift and the global frequency rises….

Isn’t it fricken exciting?!

There is no real secret here. You simply need to allow, you need only drop the baggage that weighs you down, to release those blockages that prevent flow.

The universe awaits you. It’s right there knocking on your door.

Get enough sleep.

Drink plenty of water.

Eat live foods.

Practice deep breathing as often as you remember….

And open that Crown and let the light shine in.

When it is time and the Georgina Paranormal Society resumes it Bi – monthly meetings….. My talk will be a little different.

Let the light shine in,

Gerard Hibbert, Spiritual Life Coach

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