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The Path to Wellness

By: Linda Cooper

On the path to wellness, we have two choices: to change our circumstance or change our perspective.

Do you want to get well? A question Jesus posed to the man lying at the pool of Bethesda, which has always struck me as a very loaded question, with an obvious response of YES, but, upon reflection, I have to ask the question… do we really comprehend what getting well encompasses? Are we prepared to leave all that is unwell behind? Because wellness is not only a destination, it is the journey itself.

When we think of wellness, we think about the physical body. The optimal health and smooth functioning of every cell, organ and system that allows us to navigate through our life with ease.

But there is more to wellness than just the physical. Wellness also includes the mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic components of who we are.

To be well, we need to take a multi-layered approach, ensuring that we address our needs on all of these levels. To be well, we need to recognize all of the things that contribute to us being unwell; that contribute to us living with a disease, or a dis-ease.

We have heard the saying “a chain is as strong as the weakest link”. How does this translate into ourselves? Into our wellness? Where is our own individual ‘weakest link’, that serves to undermine our efforts to be well? And looking at wellness with a wider lens, how do we contribute or not contribute to the wellness of the planet in which we inhabit?

Wellness lives within an intricate inter-relational design. If we become out of balance in one area, it affects the whole. This applies to both our individual wellness and on a global level as well.

We are experiencing un-wellness in our environment. Within the inner environment of our mind, body and spirit, and also the external environment in which we live.

Wellness begins with us. It begins with each one of us taking responsibility for our own choices that either add to or take away wellness.

On the physical level, what food do we ingest to fuel our body? Do we move our body to maintain strength and flexibility? Do we give our body enough rest? Do we engage in aphysical practice to move stress out of our body?

On the mental level, what kind of thoughts do we think? What do we listen to and watch on tv or social media that contribute or take away from our wellness?

On the emotional level, how do we process our feelings? Are we reactive or proactive? Do we have a good support system in place to come along side us in challenging times?

On the spiritual level, are we part of a spiritual community? Do we practice viewing the circumstances of our lives from a higher perspective? Do we read uplifting, inspirational material to support us in our journey?

On the energetic level, are we practicing ways of raising our vibration? Are we raising our energetic body by practicing loving-kindness, and acts of kindness to ourselves and to all other sentient beings on the planet?

As human beings, we seem to be searching for ‘our purpose’. Is not the human experience itself the purpose? To strive for wellness of life, not at the expense of others, but for the good of ourselves and the whole? To fully engage in those thoughts and actions that support well being.

On the path to wellness, we have two choices: to change our circumstance or change our perspective.

Let wellness be the lens through which we examine our lives, and life itself. Looking with compassion for a deeper understanding of where and why we are feeling un-well, and having the courage to make the changes needed.

Becoming aware of the impact of our thoughts and choices on ourselves and others, allows us to widen our perspective. It paves the way for conscious living, where well-being is at the forefront, not from an egocentric perspective, but rather from a responsible human being perspective, actively participating in well-being for all.

When we engage in wellness from a personal to a global community perspective, we no longer feel isolated and alone. We recognize that we are a significant piece/peace of the whole and that our actions can have a positive or negative ripple effect.

When we know that we are doing good, we feel good. It brings a sense of wellness to our mind, body and spirit. And this is the energy, the vibration that we create within our own bodies, as well as sending it out into the world.

Being well is an act of bravery and commitment. It asks of us to be responsible, disciplined, and kind. It requires the mind and heart to work together, walking the path in wellness. And so we are asked…

Do you want to be well?

Linda Cooper


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