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The New Horizons are Before You Now

Channeled April 20, 2021

In the softening of the touch, we are here. In the softening of the gentle gaze, we are here. We are here in the upbringing and the next collective empire that is growing and taking root in your lifetime now. In these descriptions of the root to rise we are here in the reaching’s of wonder and night now. We see you and we are with you on your travels as you are reaching other timelines and the edges of our great civilizations of the ones present and the ones past. We are streamlining these all together as you set out on your new path and your new way.

The ways of belonging and moving forward to grace and ease in your step. The world awaits you now as you are stepping into your new role there on planet earth. In the tides and in the timing, you are witnessing the cycles all around you now of the past and the present and now leading into the future. The new horizons are before you now and we see you take that next step, that next challenge and you are meeting these challenges with bells on and passing these lessons on to the next. The next ones are listening and taking notes of the fortunes to come into your lives and the many are taking stock of their own misconceptions and are reinforcing their new beliefs with one of manifesting and abundance.

Your messages have been reaching many and the times and trials in their lives are now streamlining out with great purpose and reverence to help them build upon each new desire and passion in their hearts. They are bearing witness to the clever ways of clearing the mind, beginning the steps of opening up to their own intuition and awareness. Please look and access the livelihoods of the masses and keep track of the fellowship and friendships that have been building with desire and strength. Also take note of the ones who are seeking clarity in the new ways and in the wills of the ways. Please offer up your great strength and courage to all reaching out and who are asking for this guidance on their journey.

This journey that you have begun to take them on has lit up the stair wells and caverns of many who have felt left in the dark. The patterns and principals have been rising and their characters are emerging out into the street and into the light where it is being seen and witnessed of the many synchronicities and miracles arriving on the doorsteps of the newly awakened ones.

Characteristics of the wise ones and of the newly departed ones are stepping forward and are the keen traits being pressed forward to be seen and witnessed in their energetic and light body state. The awoken are seeing this energy with their eyes open and in their dreams states and it has been like second nature now to open up their third eye and see and witness the dimensional shift that have been going on for quite some time now on your world.

Please sit and go into your heart and feel and see the wonders of your higher self and your true self and remember this is the place that we speak of that brings the allowance of all the great mystical and magical tales. This is the great opening of the higher dimensional states of being. Through the process of this great awakening, you have shed your old skin and brought forth the new light codes that have been locked deep in your cells and DNA. We have watched in gladness as the patterns and frequencies have been received and integrated into your light bodies. The existential body of belief has been accepted and awakened into the fractals of zeros and one’s and off and ons.

The higher dimensional light bodies that are arising within the great collective have been raising their vibration and consciousness and sending out light codes throughout the cosmos and universe. We have been hearing the bells ring and on time as we enter the next phase of the evolutionary process on your world. We are here to assist and bear witness to the great collective an awakening on your world at this time.

Please take heed, strength and reverence and reach out your hands to the next fellow human and divine soul that you meet on your path. In reverence and strength, please remind them too that they are a divine spark in this divine plan that is unfolding out in front of you at this time. Know and trust you are all safe loved and protected. The kindness that is being shown will bring forth much gladness and strength to your fellow human being. Know that this spark is within each and everyone of you. This my dear ones, this is the greatest feat to master in this lifetime is of the belief and knowing of who you truly are my dear ones. Keep shining your light and passing the torch on to the next, and in peace and in grace. We love you all and amen.


Melissa is a true healer, physically, energetically, and spiritually. For many years, Melissa sensed her angels and guides around her and has received channeled messages which she has recorded and published. This work has helped many receive comfort and light while on their Light Path Transition.

No one is alone and it is Melissa’s passion to ensure that all who are in pain, know that there is always someone whether, here or beyond that is helping them heal at a soul level.

Melissa is a Spiritual Channeler, Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Reiki Master, Psychic

Medium, and Essenian assistant healer. Melissa has been trained as a Reiki Master and Registered Practical Nurse and has recently trained in Medical Office Assistant. She is also a contributing writer to A Beautiful Life magazine and speaks on many topics to spread the knowledge that we are all one and we are all connected within our heart opening awareness.

Contact Melissa Email: Website: Facebook: True Beings Of Light Intuitive Healing Instagram: misslissad Twitter: kisslissad Linked in : Melissa Downard Mobile: 905 866 7424

Please message me to connect for guidance and healing in these new challenging times. Join me for a soul purpose reading where your guides can help you thrive in these times. Find out what they want you to know!


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