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The Final Curtain~Gratitude!

I am grateful for the challenges my relational upheaval availed me. My 'broken heart' forced me to begin my 1000 mile journey of self-discovery, which continues to enrich my life in ways I never dreamed possible!

But most and foremost, I am grateful for my former husband who, unknowingly, chose the role of 'Judas' in my life~~for without his deception I would have never experienced the freedom that comes with forgiving the unforgivable! The ultimate journey in life is to experience inner freedom which can only be experienced when we embrace that, indeed, life is a 'set-up'! I have great compassion towards my former husband, whose logical mind makes it impossible for him to forgive himself. Therefore, his feelings of guilt, shame and lack of self-worth, which led him astray in the first place, continue to keep him in bondage!

If however this 'Spiritual liberation' were taught in our Educational System, the 'wounded child 'would grow up feeling worthy, regardless of his 'tumultuous' upbringing. This would be the first step towards eradicating mental illness which continues to plague our societies! Furthermore, most 'wounded children', in their efforts to placate their 'broken hearts', embark on self-defeating behaviours, which can lead to homelessness, suicide,broken families and oftentimes murder.

Fearful and angry parents, project their fear and anger unto their children. This negative 'conditioning' stunts the child's emotional growth. This generational dis-ease however can be eradicated if mankind can embrace re-incarnation which would liberate us from the 'blame-game'! Nevertheless, it is essential to understand that our life's circumstances do not define who we are ~~for 'the world is a stage, men and women merely players and we 'play' many parts!' Therefore, the homeless are not less worthy than a lawyer, for the Spark of Divinity which is in all of us, cannot be tarnished regardless of one's lot in life!

Unfortunately, lack of understanding of our inherent nature continues to create insurmountable pain and suffering for the 'unawakened' student, who will continue to re-incarnate and re-experience life's drama all over again! Our life's journey is to 'awaken' and remember our Divinity. Needless to say, however most males continue to be erroneously socialized to be 'strong', negating the feminine energy (yin) inherent in all genders! This 'heart-centred' energy needs to be given permission to flourish without fear of being 'labeled' due to one's sensitive nature.

When we are open to Spiritual growth, however we will be more receptive to exploring the 'Higher Intelligence of the Heart', which can liberate us from a lifetime of emotional turmoil. Furthermore, we must not be blindsided that external success can fill our emptiness. It does not! For when the unexpected happens, the 'unawakened' student is left feeling empty when his world falls apart no matter his financial empire! When I found the courage to say 'good-bye,' my former husband's comfort zone fell apart!

Life's adversity can be our greatest teacher, as difficult roads can lead to beautiful new destinations when we believe,and walk gently upon the earth being the change we want to see in the world! At this point, we no longer need to engage in activities designed to prove our worthiness~~for the connection to our Higher Self, enables us to give love without demands or expectations. Grace is the ultimate step towards freedom!

Nevertheless, the last chapter before the 'final curtain' can be challenging if we have not embraced that we are more than a carnal body. Freedom awaits those of us who have taken personal responsibility and have found peace & serenity a midst the storm, preparing us for the next chapter! I was ready for the next chapter~~ the freedom to love again!


Rita Be-Still, Healer of Broken Hearts

Be-Still Foundation for Higher Spiritual learning.

6 Queen Street West, Elmvale


Where difficult roads lead to beautiful new destinations when we believe!

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