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The Elementals and the Forces of Nature

We are flowing in; we are cascading in now. The leaves are flickering. The trees are falling. The wind is near. The wind is blowing. In kindness these strengths of the moon and the stars are sprinkling and sparkling. Can you feel this? Can you see this? This shining down of magic. Sprinkling down the floor. You see this, you see that. You see the bees flickering and flying through, feeling the petals, seeing the petals, it is the time of awakening now.

To feel the warmth and dew on top of the flowers at this time, the morning dew spreading across each blade of grass. The belief in a life force is spreading across the land. You are feeling the newness of each, and every season and you are feeling this, you are elevating your self up now.

You are flying like the hummingbird right now. We are all together now zooming and blooming and moving. Do you feel this? We are higher and higher rising now. The beautiful sites we are reaching the mountain tips now. We are flying over a brand-new season now where these mountain tips now show us wintertime. Can you feel the chill in the air? Cold and shivering. We come out with a brand-new life force at the tip of the mountain now, we do, we see, we feel, the life force is changing and pushing us and leaning us a different way. Do you feel the wind pushing us? Do you feel this, the forces of nature?

We are here with you now, we are moving and moving, moving. Do you sense us now? We are popping up to the warmth again, we are beginning a new season. Do you feel this? Do you feel the vibration? The skies are clearing, the clouds are moving, you have waited all year for this again. The buzzing and the buzzing once again, are captured in our ears. The vocal cords of every being and insect , can you hear the sounds we are spreading across the lands ? We are buzzing in your ears again , please stop batting at us , for we want to help you! We want to live with you on earth and the flowers and the trees! Stop batting us away! We love the plants; we love the plants and the trees and the flower. Please continue to plant more, please, the vastness of our existence goes hand in hand with yours.

Please leave the dandelions there, please keep spreading this around, for deep in the soil you will find us spreading the energies into the seeds expanding. We are inside the worms moving through the ground. For we are the life force living all between you all and in you all.

The energy of nature and the forces of the wind keeps spreading and expanding out, deep within each and every life force that you are in existence in now. We are glad and happy to share this with you all now, but please take care all together within the circle and the cycles of life. We must depend on one another now to continue flourishing and growing now, we must rely on each other just as we rely on the sun to wake us up in the morning and give us all life force. We rely on each other.

The shining of this light is bringing us forth into the next cycle that you are receiving. The light codes are here sprinkling, sprinkling, sprinkling, deep inside your heart and soul and into each and everyone of your cells. Please absorb this up, absorb, absorb, absorb, take it all in bringing you light. Here lies a feather, flickering in the wind, this feather from the bird floats off gently down swiftly to the ground, pick this feather up, it is a sign of good luck, they all say. For the forces live within the feather, the life force, keep it close to your heart.

This is the magic springing up all around you now, from your land to the next land, in all the other bodily, humans and animal and insects, in beings of light from planet to planet throughout the cosmos. We would like to center in on your planet right now my dear ones. Allow the cycles of change to bring forth growth and love. Yes, bringing through challenges but we know life force never ends, we are flowing and flowing up, allowing the flow to flow to life. This will bring you much more joy and greatness to come through with the flow. Allow it through beautiful energy, pushing you forward, the motioning motioning, feel it all now .

We all feel this you see, you see the birds, you see the chipmunks, you see the rabbits, hopping around. We are all part of this magical force working together inviting you to take notice, to stand still in that spot you are standing. Take notice that this is a magical moment in your life. When you are being embraced and witnessing the bunny crossing the street, the squirrel running across the street, we are all spreading the forces of nature together, for this is the true nature of your life, your life force, don’t forget this please my dear ones,

Engage with this, extend your heart and your soul into this as you stand on the ground, take your shoes and socks off and ground your self in the ground, sinking deep into this. This is the connection we all can make together, and then you will feel the trueness of what your life is even more supposed to feel like at this time. This expression of energy is just flowing around you every day. The wave forms are magical. We invite you to feel this and your life will be flowing forward even quicker and faster living in this present moment, the beautiful present moment.

This is the flickering of light, the wings of the butterfly all coming and zooming to you now, so please listen to them when they are bussing in your ear, they are telling you a story. They are reminding you of the light and the life force that you all are, to be in existence and living in this lifetime now. Enjoy it and step up and enjoy it and take the note and the notes of this all and keep allowing them flying and the notes and the musical notes flickering through your ears and your heart, and your soul are all blending together. Making the sound waves and the frequencies that make your life force possible, this is your life force, these sounds and frequencies, all combining together.

We are all one, this is it, this is life, this is love, feel this in your heart, stepping up, elevating up, taking a panoramic view and a picture and a snap shot right now of your visions and your feelings now . Keep this moving you in your heart and remember we are all one footstep away when you are walking on that blade of grass, picking up that dandelion and seeing that mushroom. We are all energetically connected, and with this beautiful panoramic picture in your mind now we thank you now with greetings from the fairy and the folk and the folklore and the forces of the wind of light and night, coming through to you now, and fly away, fly away with us now , keep moving forward ,flicker, flicker light , there it goes , you are there , goodnight .

Channeling May 22, 2022.

Question about Costa Rica-

Are all these energies of nature in some way more pronounced in Costa Rica than might be than in other places,

Answer-The energy of the heart is coming through ,for the minds and hearts and souls are open now , for in Costa Rica you can feel this energy , it is more encircled within the groups lighting up elevating up this energetic forcefield of the planet is more central in that location , and the hearts and the minds are open to this higher vibration , and they take more time and pay attention and listen to the sound vibrations , it is to busy in the cities to hear all this , you know we are here but the traffic and the horns , and the street lights they all make a noise buzz buzz , and its distraction for the life force to come through and to be felt in your heart.

So yes there are places on the earth where can hear the sound , the birds and the bees ,so we must all commune to these places and what a joy would it be to have that experience on every continent in the world ,we are working on that , it’s a work in progress ,in time within the millennia’s the earth will return to that zone once again ,in time .We must allow the forces to continue flowing and spreading and accepting before

that will ever happen but we are working , in progress , in time .

Melissa Downard


Facebook: Truebeingsoflightintuitivehealing

Instagram: misslissad

Melissa is a Spiritual Channeller, Intuitive Healer, Coach, Mentor, Writer, Teacher, Psychic Medium/Channeler and Essenian Assistant Healer. Melissa has trained as a Reiki Master, Registered Practical Nurse, and a Medical Office Assistant. She is a contributing writer for a Beautiful Life magazine and speaks on many topics on sharing the wisdom that we are all one and we are all connected within our heart-opening awareness.

Melissa also uses her intuition to help guide you to connect to your soul through guided meditation, channelling, and reiki energy healing, to help you gain clarity, peace and purpose so you can bring forth your best self, your true self, out into the world. She will also help you open up to discover your deep intuition and guidance system and you will learn what this inner compass is all about. She will help you to learn to trust what you are sensing and feeling as you learn to see, sense and feel what your soul is saying to you.

This work has helped many feel their true inner connection and rise up to their true calling! No one is alone on their journey and its Melissa’s passion to remind you that whether here or beyond, you have someone looking over you! For many years, Melissa sensed her angels and guides around her and know that inside this space is where the magic happens!

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