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Structure VS Strategy

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Success is not an accident. It only comes when you are persistent, sticking to the goal, improvising, and adjusting as needed but staying consistent on your path no matter what. Organized hustle is very important if you want to achieve any goal.

How do you organize your hustle? One way is to hire a coach.

A coach will channel the energy and spark you have into the right direction thus saving your time and energy. The coach will provide you a structure you need to have in your life in order to get what you want. With the right structure, you can lay down a great strategy and summit the heights of success.

Structure VS Strategy

Alfred Chandler describes strategy as the determination of long-term goals and objectives, the adoption of courses of action and associated allocation of resources required to achieve goals. For him, structure is the design of the organisation through which strategy is administered.

Strategy is how you or your business aims to pursue a goal. Structure on the other hand is how you fit different pieces of your organization/business to pursue the goals.

Strategy and structure are very critical in pursuing business or individual goals. You can think of strategy as the route you take towards a destination and structure as the vehicle you use to drive on that route.

One supports the other. Having a good structure can help you follow your strategy efficiently. The structure should be shaped in accordance with the strategy. You cannot make a strategy that is not supported by the structure, nor can you create a structure that will is not supported by your strategy.

Change is the only constant

According to Chandler, organizations pass through three stages of development, moving from a unit structure to a functional structure, and then to a multidivisional structure. However, the transition from one to the other is usually painful. Often organization will adjust their strategies but ignore their structure. This is often because of a lack of interest, knowledge or both. To be successful it is important to adjust one as the other changes. Without that organization or individuals will continue to face grave challenges.

The past is not a predictor of the future

The strategies and structures that were set when you begin are not the ones that will move you forward. This is also true for your mindset. You attract what you think. Your past, your family, your body, they cannot limit you. If you really want to do something, you need to go after it no matter what. Make your goals stretchable and adjust your strategy and structure as you reach new milestones.

Your energy attracts what you think of. Think high of yourself, consume good content, read good books, and have mentors in life. All of this will align your wishes to the goals you have. You will be one step closer to what you want in life. Think great, achieve greatest should be your ideology of life. You can never cultivate the crop of abundance by sowing the seeds of scarcity. Aim for the moon and you might as well land among the stars!

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