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Step into your inner strength and power and start Living Beyond the Noise

What would your life look like if you were able to let go of worries, fears and judgments?

More and more people are reporting higher levels of stress than ever before. What’s the solution? A strong sense of quietness, not just of the body but also of the mind. To let your soul relax and calmly approach the circumstances that life throws your way.

Our world seems to be one of chaos and inconsistency. But for those who have learned to still the mind and master their thoughts instead of letting their thoughts control them, it becomes less about reacting to the world around them and more about taking charge and creating the life you truly want.

We all strive after that peace that can’t be bought or stolen, the kind of peace that radiates from within and allows us to weather the storms of life as well as create a strong feeling of happiness.

🗹 Create any mental state you desire by mastering the art of remaining positive and at ease in all situations.

🗹 Transform negative stress into something positive

🗹 Take back control over your emotions and remain unaffected by negativity

🗹 Stop letting thoughts and external factors dictate how you feel

🗹 Build a solid inner foundation for happiness and confidence

Mastering Your Inner Calm 12 Week Signature Program Month One – From Stress to Calm What is the source of your inner calm and why is it so important for your overall well-being? We will begin to unlock even more tools in your wellness toolbox and begin to implement simple practices that can start you on your journey of calm immediately. Oct 4th – 5 Steps to Permanent, Positive Change Oct 7th – Guided Meditation (GM) – Introduction to Mindfulness Oct 11th – Mindfulness, breathwork, and energy frequencies Oct 14th – GM – Mindfulness of the Body Oct 18th – Connecting with Gaia, nature, and yourself to find answers Oct 21st – GM – Mindfulness of Emotions Oct 25th – Taking care of our physical bodies is more important now than ever! Oct 28th – GM – Being with what’s difficult Month Two – Reacting v.s. Responding v.s. Creating Time to reprogram the subconscious programming behind the reactions to chaos and challenge in your life! We examine your triggers and get to the heart of past wounds controlling your present moments. When you take full responsibility for your life, you can then begin to create the life you truly want. And we will tap further into the supporting science that demonstrates the importance of heart and brain coherence. Nov 1st – Releasing triggers and traumas Nov 4th – GM – Loving Kindness and Compassion Nov 8th – The power of “I AM” and “I AM ready” affirmations Nov 11th – GM – Mindfulness for Communication and Leadership Nov 15th – Brain and Heart Coherence Nov 18th – GM – Resilience Nov 22nd- Unleasing the power of creating the life you want! Nov 25th – GM – Mindfulness for Anxiety Month Three – Why inner peace and purpose go hand-in-hand What if, instead of leading with struggle, with doing more, you led with peace? How different would your life be? What does your highest potential life look like? How does spirituality work together with your inner calm? We will explore how living beyond the noise of day-to-day life will help you discover your true life purpose. Nov 29th – Connecting with your higher self Dec 2nd – GM – Mindfulness for Work & Career Dec 6th – Raising our vibration Dec 9th – GM – Moving Forward Mindfully Dec 13th – Rediscover Your Divinity Dec 16th – GM – Finding Me Dec 20th – QA Session Dec 23rd – GM – Looking Forward

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