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Spiritual Connection Conversation

I will be leading a Spiritual Conversation on Sunday, June 5, 2022 at 7:30 pm. Let's connect and explore the energies on our path to enlightenment. R.S.V.P. , contact me via text or phone at 905-866-7424. or email

Join in for this enlightening conversation where we will explore mind , body, and spirit connections and how these can enhance your energy, healing and empowerment.

Please bring any questions and also get ready to share any experiences that you may have had. Topics will range from intuition, , channeling, psychic development, mediumship, Energy healing, Chakras, meditation, enlightenment, Ascension, New changes on earth earth cycles. Divine source, elementals, ET's Hight dimensional beings of light, The sky is the limit for topics of conversation.

Please reach out and lets connect. You can join in here on zoom . at 7:30

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