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Setting Your Boundaries

When was the last time you actually reflected on how you are living your life … I mean really thought about it. Are you happy? Are you taking time in each day to do something that you really enjoy? Are you taking care of YOU?

Or are you merely going through the motions of each day without much thought, spending more time taking care of others, worrying about your future and theirs, and/or thinking about your past, how you’ve wronged someone, how someone has wronged you, how offended or hurt you are, how you want your present reality to be different?

Are you playing the victim role?

I spent a good part of my life feeling very much alone, forcefully trying to be noticed and accepted. I spent decades feeling insecure and unworthy. I felt sadness, loneliness, confusion, anger, resentment and self-hatred, all at the same time, and I suffered silently. I cried. I people pleased. But, I kept getting rejected, constantly blamed and shamed for things I did and did not do. And, the more I tried, the less I received. I searched for love and acceptance from others, from what was outside of me.

I too have had my share of grief in my life. I allowed myself to be controlled by my sibling from childhood through most of adulthood, because something inside of me was missing. I was living my life through the energy of fear of non-acceptance, through lack and limitation, believing the false truths said about me. I was living in doubt and insecurity and this was affecting all areas of my life. In result, I was attracting people and experiences that were not to my liking, in continuum of the misery that I had created.

We are being asked now to look at ourselves more deeply and see what beliefs need healing. We are being asked to do the work necessary so that we may take back our power.

If you are feeling less than, if you are feeling you are not enough, if you are feeling insecure, it is time to understand that this is a false truth about yourself that you have created and only you can change this, by stepping into your power and changing your mindset.

It is a sad truth that we get so used to being treated poorly that it becomes the norm. However, at this time of great change and advancement in our consciousness, when everything has slowed down and we have a chance to self-reflect, we are more able to recognize this truth, acknowledge it and release it.

You are worthy and you are deserving, and if there is someone in your life that is treating you with disrespect and dishonesty, this is the time to think again where you are going. You can surpass this with conscious awareness. It is time to see yourself as the power that you are, instead of the victim that you have allowed yourself to be. Fearlessly and courageously say “No more!” as I did, and set your boundaries. This will create space for healing with newfound energy of clarity and confidence.



When you do this, others will in turn see you in a different light and all goodness will follow.

You are divine beings with infinite possibility and potentiality. It is crucial you treat yourself with love, for only then can you offer love to others.

Take care sweet souls. Our world needs you to offer your love. I love you!

Namaste ~Joanna~


Joanna Alexopoulos is an empathic intuitive, author, poet, spiritual mentor, reiki energy healer, teacher, speaker, and open channel, attaining wisdom and guidance from higher realms of consciousness. Receiving messages from Source her entire life, for many years she didn't understand it and was too afraid to embrace it. Finally she harnessed that power and got the big answers that we all want and channeled it into a book that everyone can use to make their life better.

Her love and compassion for humanity merges with that of the ascended masters’ and is deeply felt in Awaken To Your Truth: The Time Is Now. The masters are a collective of highly evolved beings who have been sent by God, led by Jesus, to assist our world in awakening to the TRUTH of who we are, to create a more compassionate and loving world.

Masters affirm, "We come to you to lead the way in your self-discovery, in remembrance of who you are. We speak to you at this time, for this is the time of new beginnings. We wish to deliver messages that will create movement for grandeur advancements. We have walked on earth and know your pain. We see you. We feel you and want to help you. Our messages are of love and light."

Find out more about Joanna:

Awaken To Your Truth: The Time Is Now is available worldwide through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indigo and Freisen Press Publishing.


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