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Self Image

By: Stacey Walcott

Tell yourself everyday that you are beautiful.

I grew up with all sorts of self image issues and very low self-esteem. I did not want to be around kids at school most times and weight was a big thing too.

I was bullied, which made me think I was ugly, fat, not smart and not able to do a lot. It’s so hard to talk about. I never thought that self image had anything to do with what you think and say.

Thinking negatively and hanging with negative people has a lot to do with self image. Words have powerful tools and it can hurt you and break you too. It really took years to bring up my self-esteem and to look in the mirror and tell myself I am beautiful, and I can do anything with the help of God.

All the pain I went through with my relationships including the one with my mother, my boyfriends and my children’s fathers had a lot to do with my self image. All I had was to trust in God to help me believe in myself. I became passionate about using writing to help my self image, and I love public speaking too.

I also built my self image through praying, personal development, exercise and what I ate, because food can make you or break you. A lot of women have self image issues.

I came to realize that God was the one person that I knew could help me with self image, help me overcome my issues, and help me learn to love myself. I also plan to teach my kids the same thing, to believe, love and trust in themselves. Tell yourself everyday that you are beautiful too. The world we live in has a lot to do with self image. It took me a year to learn to love myself, and say: “I am amazing”.

Stacey Walcott / Stacey Walcott

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