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Seeking Out & Appreciating Pain

By: Nelson Delgado

Resolving pain brings healing, peace, and understanding.

You may be puzzled by the headline thinking why would people seek out pain?! For this issue, I closely looked at August for the energy it will bring and pain will be a common theme permeating human super consciousness. We all know we can’t avoid pain, because it comes in various levels of discomfort because it’s there for us to learn from it. We can only avoid pain for so long... especially if you were adversely affected by an event or experience that was brought on by another person. It’s when we choose to disassociate or repress discomfort that our situations gradually become more uncomfortable. Whether it be in relationships, in the community and in our physical bodies. When we don’t face our pain, what we are telling ourselves is that I would rather gradually suffer and become more tolerant than to seek and resolve it. Resolving it would inevitably bring healing, peace, understanding and the energy to begin rejuvenating us. So pain is not the enemy, pain is our friend and tells us when we have to move through something difficult to gain a more precious reward... Liberation.

Pain will always be intrinsically part of life. Choosing to be receptive to it through service of holding space for others and seeking the grace understanding brings wisdom to our soul. Here are a list of questions we can ask ourselves and others who are feeling discomfort.

What Emotion(s) are surfacing from ourselves?

What questions do these feelings foster within us?

Are there other experiences in our lives that relate to the present moment?

Can we see a pattern emerging?

Where do we think it began?

What thoughts or beliefs does it reinforce?

Do the conditioning or programming originate from our upbringing?

Did those who raise us express the same patterns of behaviour?

Does this condition extend from Leaders our neighbourhood? Culture? Faith?

Is this something we wish to continue and if not; do we have the courage to work towards discontinuing the cycle?

These questions bring incredible insights to the pain that needs to be resolved. By identifying it, we can learn from it and realize how we can limit the pattern from repeating itself. Hopefully summon the courage towards dissolving the pattern and/or mastering how we respond to it.

Once we have sought out the pain, found assistance to investigate it, realized the gifts it had to bring us, released the contributing energy and discovered alternative actions that would serve us; we can then engage in physical activities or therapies to accelerate well-being again.

This includes Body/Emotion Code Energy psychology, Acupressure, acupuncture, massage, energy work among others. These modalities will get your field and your body working together in improved harmony, which will get you primed for the rest of month so you can harness the power of your intuition, have dreams that can bring guidance, instead of nightmares that remind us to resolve what we often ignore. We always want the good opportunities to come, but if we are not in energetic alignment with it, we aren’t the right fit yet. A new month brings much opportunities that may bring great risk but also great reward! However if we are not answering the call of Pain, we may remain blocked in unresolved self-sabotage and miss out on opportunities to co-create from an empowered state. Choice is power and making sound decisions come from sound balance of intuition/ logic, body/ mind, physical/ spirit is necessary to fulfill our potential for the life we want. Instead of the life we have become accustomed to or settled in.

In conclusion, I would like to thank pain, because if it wasn’t for it, I could have never have known what stands in my way from experiencing the gift of living a dynamic and beautiful life. Thank you for reading this article and if you are interested in a free remote healing and empowerment session; please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. As a passionate Body Code/Emotion Code Practitioner I devote myself to in-depth understanding of emotional intelligence. I also deeply investigate the most sophisticated divination systems to understand the details of your energy blueprint. So that I can provide a comfortable and efficient healing process. Provide insights into the depths of your Biofield and provide tools that assist you in mastering how you respond to discomfort. Helping you transition from patterns of survival to patterns of empowerment.

Let’s find pain and transform it into the power you know you have, but may be afraid to channel and express.

Nelson Delgado

Mobile. 905 339 6434


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