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Persistence To Keep Moving Forward!

As we press on forward, we are letting go and leaving behind a world that no longer serves us.

In the wills and the ways, we are here. In the passion and love in our hearts we are here. All here in the belonging and ringing of the bells, ringing of the chimes right here and right on time now in these new developments with the new directions of the sails being turned around in the wind. In the times we have reached the belly of the storm and we have found ourselves being pushed to the brink of time and space and deep within the facets of our hearts. We have felt the heavy strong beating of your hearts and the strength and kind forth persistence to keep on moving forward and through this storm.

As we press on forward, we are letting go and leaving behind a world that no longer serves us, we are releasing and letting go of many past traumas and past hurts that have been held so deeply in your hearts. The story of your past is no longer making much sense to you all at this time. As the hearts have been expanding and expelling out the remnants of generation strife and trouble, the hearts conductivity and capability of pumping even harder has exerted a lot of pressure in the valves and the chambers itself.

The remaining strife and pain in your hearts are leaving now on the hearts strings and as they are rising up higher and begin transmuted, the hollow opening is now allowing itself to be felt. The deep seeded desire to refill up your heart chambers have created a need and desire to fill up with so much more love. This has you searching for this true source of love and asking what this means to you all. We have heard your chimes and wishes and prayers, we have been sending out light ray portals and beam of healing green energy out into all of your hearts. This delivery as such is cascading out light codes embedded with ancient knowledge and divine light with much energetic upgrades.

These light codes are all now a match for the new energy frequencies coming from the sun, solar system and galaxy! Many have been looking for resolution to many of earths issues, we know there is no quick fix or remedy at this time, but we have been responding with solutions and resolutions and the awakened ones and lightworkers have been taking notes and collecting data. The supply of these messages is in an energetic platform. They are readily accessible to all at this time as humanity has been opening up to their own intuition and awareness. We have been able to broad cast out much light and love that is needed by many at this time. The seeking of so many questions lead us to deliver the most important message of all.

The message that comes from the deep facets of the divine truth that we are all love, and we are all one! The listening and allowing of these messages to reach you deep into your heart and soul will bring forth a huge expansion of heart rate variability that will reach the maximum effects of heart brain coherence. This will send out what feels like shock waves reverberating into each and every one of your cells, this itself is a miraculous feat yet it is in everyone’s capabilities within all your humanness.

The learning and harnessing of these capabilities are this next steppingstone and platform for which humanity is now ready to acquire and reach and to bring forth the next planetary and evolutionary change within your physical bodies, into all of your cells and deep into the beautiful soul beings that you are! Strength reverence and courage are deeply seeded within the light codes that are coming through.

Through allowance and pacing of these energies to enter your very being will be a monumental stride in reaching up onto the divinely heavenly place and dimensional shift. When we are following this track that we are on we will bear witness to the pathways lighting up as we take our next steps. Know and trust you are being divinely guided as beings of light are on this journey with us all. They are guiding each and every one of us on all sides of us. The beings that we speak of are helping you in your dreams and in your waking hours. In the streams and in the winds and through the roads where you are seeing animals pop up of squirrels and chipmunks and birds in the sky. The magic is being interwoven into the fabric of space and time. This is the miraculous journey of life. By paying attention to these signs and messages we will be provided the much-needed love and validation that we are truly never alone.

The strength of many have always been and will always be within the energetic footprints of all our lives, whether here or beyond in the afterlife or other dimensional frequencies. They are always here helping us out by shining their light., we ask that you reach out and ask for assistance daily as this is our true purpose form where we are standing at this time. In love and light and benevolent beings of one and night. We go now, amen.


Melissa Downard is a Spiritual Channeler, Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, and Essenian assistant healer. Melissa has been trained as a Reiki Master and Registered Practical Nurse and has recently trained in Medical Office Assistant. Contact Melissa -

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