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Our Greatest Passions Hold The Secret to the Meaning of Our Life

Sometime earlier this year, I felt unsure about a project I had been working on for months. I questioned whether I was on the right track and wanted reassurance that my goal was worthy of continued effort.

I was having some serious doubts. This was by no means the first time this had happened to me, and I'm sure it won't last. I can be in a state of heightened enthusiasm for months when working on a new goal, and then all of a sudden, I wake up one morning and can't seem to access any motivation or excitement.

Well, on this particular occasion, I decided to check in with my higher self for answers. I'm not sure what that part of me is or where exactly it resides, but I have, over many years, learned to trust it.

When I feel confused or unsure about something in my Life, I slow down, meditate, and ask for guidance.

Once I do this, I let go of the issue and trust that an answer will be revealed.

My question that day was simple.

"If I continue on this path, if I keep putting time and energy into this project, will I get a positive outcome?"

The answer I received came faster than expected. Within minutes, actually. I never know what to expect from my higher self. Sometimes it surprises me and answers my questions immediately after I ask. The answer to this particular question was the following.

Joanne, there are no guarantees that pursuing this project will give you an expected or desired outcome.

But, one thing is guaranteed if you give up now, you will never know.

I realize this answer can seem quite obvious and simplistic. But there was a bit more to it than one might appreciate at first glance.

I realized that day that when we are compelled to act on something from our gut, to start a new project, to set a goal for ourselves, we never know what the outcome will be. That's why it's essential not to make it all about the result.

First of all, if we have a strong desire to do something, something that comes up again and again, in my opinion, that is a cue to act.

Those passions and dreams that seem to pop up out of nowhere are gifts from the universe. And we need to grab on to them with gratitude and awe.

We are not born with a life map. That would defeat the entire point of LIFE!!

Life is an incredible opportunity to create.

Victor Frankl said that we should not expect Life to give us meaning. We need to understand that we are asked by Life itself to provide it with meaning. How powerful is that!! We are master creators. The seeds of that meaning are hidden deep within our desires, passions, and individual talents. They are patiently waiting for us to respond to that knock on our heart's door, saying, "Hey, you, you need to do this." "This is important!" "I'll just keep showing up until you pay attention!"


You undoubtedly know what I mean. You've heard that voice.

When we act on those dreams and those goals, we have no idea whether they will turn out exactly as planned. We nurture the seeds without knowing precisely what the fruits of our labor will be. And the process can even get pretty scary and messy at times. But that process is filled with emotions, experiences, wisdom, and potential. It holds all the precious gifts that make Life such an incredible journey.

We must remember that we are always creating and giving meaning to the greatest gift we will ever receive, LIFE.


Joanne Shank

Self-Love Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Speaker

705 229 6436

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