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As your resistance lowers, you experience lower pressure in your life.... both mentally and physically.

I thought I would use my prior electrical background as a way to structure this next piece.

Bear with me as we go through some very basic electrical theory to essentially deliver the same message.

"All roads lead to Rome" so to speak.

V = I × R.

I = V ÷ R

R = V ÷ I

V = Voltage

I = Amps or current

R = Ohms or resistance

Voltage = Pressure

Amps or current = Flow

Ohms or resistance = Ego

Ohm's law is a basic mathematical relationship of electricity.

It is generally depicted as a triangle, voltage placed at the top with current and resistance taking up the two adjacent spaces below voltage.

How it works is as you cover one of the values then the mathematical function is displayed on how to find this particular value.

Ie :- If you wish to find the voltage of a particular electrical circuit you cover the voltage symbol on the triangle and therefore realize that the function to find said voltage is to multiply the amperage or current by the ohms or resistance in the circuit.

Conversely if you wish to find the amperage of a circuit you would then divide the voltage by ohms. If you wish to discover the resistance of a circuit you divide the voltage by the amps.

Basic mathematical stuff.

But what has this got to do with spirituality and healing?

Allow me to explain.

Amperage, current or flow if you will in this example is a constant, it signifies universal energy - you know, the flow of the universe.

If we bear in mind that everything is energy, including us then what would happen if you were to envision yourself as an electrical wire? By using Ohm's law.

wouldn't it stand to reason that if you had a high voltage value along with a very similar high resistance value or higher the current would be low?

(110 Volts ÷ 110 Ohms = 1 Amp or ...... 110 Volts ÷ 220 Ohms = 0.5 Amps .... even worse)!

The current is trying to flow but because of high resistance the current cannot!

We are a conduit for universal energy.

Allow this energy to flow by releasing the resistance.

As you lower your resistance levels, you allow this energy to flow. This is universal law.

As the resistance lowers you experience lower pressure in your life.... both mentally and physically.

Amperage × Ohms = Voltage or Pressure.

A lower resistance level equates to a lower Voltage or Pressure value.

A really drawn out way of reminding us all to let go of resistance, and in doing so allow that energy to flow, but hey ..... one has to find new innovative ways to deliver the same underlying message right?

Ronnie did not want a line, she wanted an article ;)

Drop the resistance .... Allow the unhealthy ego with all that baggage to fall away. Do the work as required.

We are an electrical wire.... Allow the current to flow..... Allow, allow, allow.

Love and light to you all.....

Gerard Hibbert

Spiritual Life Coach

*My New Book is out now on Amazon

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