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New Year, New You, New World

Inspiration comes in all forms and the opportunities to seize the day are truly within our grasp.

The start of 2021 is a time for all of us to embrace life as we want it to be. It is a do over and that is not to be missed. Last year was hard work, lots of struggles and challenges and just the support of all of the hard work we did. I feel renewed this year and know that our issues with the pandemic and health concerns will come under more control. This does not mean that we can just do whatever we want to, it is just a ray of hope in a world that has seemed very dreary.

Inspiration comes in all forms and the opportunities to seize the day are truly within our grasp. This is the time to set the stage for the new reality we all want. New career, love, health, whatever makes you feel more whole. If we all believe that we can individually reach and attain our goals, then the world as we know it will be super successful. Energy plays the biggest role in any changes and we all need to focus our positive energy on being the best that WE can. The pay it forward phenomenon is at work now and what we put out we will get back. It has always been here, we just have not used it to our advantage.

Looking for love is hard anytime, but right now, it is extremely difficult. I think for me this is the one area of my life that would make me smile. I love companionship and having someone to talk to and share stuff with. For others, it is the pursuit of career and money that does it for them. Understanding what you want is the key to getting it. I have always been more of a relationship/marriage type of person. I feel at my best within a committed relationship. To me, what I do is how I pay my bills. My day to day role does not fulfill all of my life. I know people that live for their work and I respect that. If you get the creativity and excitement from that, you are truly lucky. I do believe that if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life. I love the ability to be creative and my particular field does not support that.

Okay. We have decided on the fact that we are going to have a great year. We need to understand what we want, and now, we are going to set the steps to get it. If you want love, then go on a website or put it out there with your friends. See if they know someone that would be nice for you to meet. I have gone on Our Time to see if I can meet someone to talk to. Right now, I would not be okay to meet in person. If a career change is what you seek, then start looking at opportunities with Indeed or other job sites. Polish up your resume and look at life as though you are moving forward to where you want to be. Just making small steps makes you feel better about yourself. You can do anything at all when you trust you most of all. It is your energy that you need to drive the changes you want to make. Start today.

Now for the rest of the year we do need to realize that patience will get us further ahead. Plan out your steps carefully and make small changes to your life daily to get where you want to be. I know that when I do the things I should be doing, I feel better about myself and the life I lead. Sounds silly but the truth is, we can all be nicer to ourselves just by taking small steps and allowing us the time to get there. Show you the same love you show to others. Make your needs a priority and then you will be able to channel your energies to others who also need it. Pay it forward starting with yourself and you will in turn, inspire others to do the same thing. The positivity of positive thought is real and the chance to start off 2021 in a different way is within our reach.

Take it, make this the start of a new life. Love yourself in ways that you have not demonstrated before. Eat well and take the time to cook for you. Sleep more and balance your time to make the most of your days. Love the fact that you and us are all alive and well. Do what you can to make today and tomorrow better than they were before. Just live the life that is yours to live.

Happy 2022 Everyone. My wish for you is health, love, joy and peace.



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