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Must We Bow to the Goddess of Mean?

This week something happened - yes, yes, every day a book is released, however, this book sparked something really ugly and showed the festering underbelly of sisterhood.

Sisterhood....a word, a cause and movement and call to action should be embraced, nurtured and elevated. However, throw in some gossip and sisterhood is pushed to the side for the elevation of the goddess of mean.

But I digress, let's go back the Book - I won’t say its title, nor name anyone specifically, because it doesn't matter, their names - these women who are at the centre of all of this represent any and all of us.

Despite both men and women being discussed in the book, it has been reduced to two women pitted against each other in the realm of public opinion and Twitter.

Look, I admit to enjoying a juicy bit of gossip as much as the next person, however, the vitriol spewed on social media the last few days takes your breath away.

Believe it or not there can be a world where two high-profile women exist - each with their own skills, talent, intelligence, beauty, and love of their families.

Picking sides and then tearing each of them apart in the ugliest of ways only puts us on a path of self-destruction.

Each horrible word, phrase, comment or gif that is put out, takes a piece of the soul away from the person doing it - and yet they may not even know that that is what's happening to them.

I once read a phrase that said that how you act, attack, and hurt others, speaks more about the person you are, than the person you are attacking. This makes me look at these people with empathy - because this speaks of the hurt they harbour, the pain they conceal in their own lives rather than the negativity they spew on others.

Sisterhood, should be a cause, a movement and a call to action. We need to understand each other more, listen more, love more - We need to fight against those who want to divide us and unite under that banner.

But is that just a fantasy, is human behaviour such that those words are just hollow and true sisterhood just a pipe dream?

Do we continue to bow to the goddess of mean? Continue to fight and tear each other apart to feed her insatiable appetite?

It’s time to ask ourselves these questions and it’s time for some serious answers - not just because of the hurt we cause these women, but because of the hurt we cause ourselves.

Ronnie Swais

Publisher / Producer A Beautiful Life Magazine


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