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Mindful Motivation for Mindset Mastery ~ Dec 4th, 2023

This week we are notably affected by the Last Quarter Moon phase in the sign of Virgo that arrives tomorrow (5th). This moon phase guides us into a period of introspection and pragmatic acceptance, particularly when it comes to the changeable and the unchangeable elements and aspects in our life. 🙏⚖️

There may be something in your life that you have been struggling to change, something you feel is blocking your progress. This moon phase, known for its reflective qualities, invites you to discern between that which is within your power to alter and that which you must learn to accept with grace. ✨😇

Here is our weekly session to see what we can focus upon to experience more of who we truly are this week... The idea of mastering our mindset is an important aspect to being aligned with who we are at a soul-level, to share our unique gifts and fulfill our calling.


Here is the link for the handout I mentioned:

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