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Making Change Great

By: Lynda Dyer

Making Change usually means to alter, convert, diversify, modify, reform, remodel, reorganize, restyle, shift, transform, vary, and many other words. They all refer to you taking some sort of action. What about when change is forced on us? How do we respond? Why could it be important? How many of us dive back into the comfort zone or victim zone of our life and how many of us look for opportunities that will excite us through this CHANGE? In quantum physics they associate change with taking action. So if you are great at taking action then you may find you are also great at making change.

We have all recently been faced with massive change. How did we cope? What did we do? Was it a positive experience or a negative one? Why? Change in life is inevitable. It’s not change that bothers us the most. It’s more about our perception of the change experience and what we decided to do about it.

Yes I said DECIDED. You see there is always a four step process in taking action toward making any change in your life;





When change happens, we can embrace it, fight it, or do nothing.

By embracing and thus accepting the change we may like to ask ourselves, “How can I make Life/Business Happen in this time of Change”? We DECIDE to put our Big Girl Undies on and Look for the door that just opened and focus on that door.

By Fighting Change we may end up becoming a victim of it.

By Doing Nothing we may also become a victim of the change and lose our personal power through BLAMING the change for our downfall. When we blame we hand over our Personal Power. Now the CHANGE has our power. Without Personal Power we may become one of the followers rather than an influential Leader of our family or business.

So many people found this recent Global Pandemic very tough going. They became anxious, depressed, sad, less than, and thus found it hard to cope from day to day. Call centres experienced a 75% increase in callers looking for support because this change was something they found difficult to cope with.

Others found it an exciting time to take a new path, and choose to take whatever action was required to go down that new path accelerating their business to great heights. Some people learnt new online skills, became re-educated after being retrenched, changed their whole career, re-thought the way they run the family or run their business. Some dad’s embraced being a stay at home dad while mum’s found more work and vice versa.

As I said earlier, People who are generally good at taking action tend to be good at Doing and Changing

People who are NOT generally good at changing something tend to not want to take action.

So changing you and what you do just needs to be in small steps. If you were asked to stand in front of a mirror, what do you like about you? What would you like to change? Write them down. NOW only take TWO of those things you would like to change and work on them for 21 days until they become your new habit. I started with growing my fingernails. I then moved on to learning how to RESPOND rather than REACT. My son loved that one lol!!!

Setting a goal to change takes you to a whole new level of awareness, where there could be so much more for you to experience.Change becomes exhilarating when you give it a go.

Your ATTITUDE toward CHANGE will be your APTITUDE to embrace it or not.

Lynda Dyer Msc

Mind Power Global

Mob: 0418 960 366

Certified NLP Trainer & Master Trainer of Matrix Therapies

Registered Trainer Member of the NLPAA

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